Malargüe: the return of the kennel but only castrarán animals without owner – Los Andes (Argentina)

In Malargüe they decided to implement a kennel for castrating animals without owner. From the commune made it clear that not kill the dogs, but they will capture those who are in the street, and the premises should be sterilized, then returning them to where the rose.

Also evaluate how to make it so that the dogs are not loose in the streets, for what they are looking for work in the awareness of responsible ownership.

The dog population in the southern department exceeds what the World Health Organization sets as an acceptable amount of dogs. According to a census conducted a year ago in the barrio Martin Guemes, had 700 families and more than 1,000 dogs.

In Malargüe has more animals than people, this is a worrying situation, so that they have sought different alternatives to deal with this problem, although the results have not been as expected.

The day of the date the pets are loose in the streets, broken garbage bags, run to cyclists and motorcyclists (in some cases the bite), but they also run the risk of being run over.

In the past year, since the Municipality has been restored by a group with an operating room mobile for neutering in neighborhoods dogs and cats. The animals involved were domesticated, but the majority, which are the street, continued to grow in number. Months after the launch of this operating room the group broke down and was out of service.

After some changes in the cabinet of intendente Jorge Vergara, was appointed this month as coordinator of the area of Zoonoses Gabriel Ferrero.

This officer will seek to raise the awareness of people performing the tasks of control in collaboration with associations of protective animals. In dialogue with The Andes, Ferrero commented: “We thought of putting in function the kennel, but not that which kills but the protective charge of birth control, performing sterilization and educating the neighbors irresponsible”.

What they say the protective

Days ago, different organizations protective of animals met and decided to work together and thus control the amount of dogs that are loose on the streets of Malargüe. In the beginning criticised the lack of management by the municipality and requested immediate solutions. In addition, emphasized that sterilization is crucial to deal with this problem.

Since some organizations attempted to contain dogs of the street were abandoned. The mode was by a shelter for these animals, but the number of dogs exceeded the human resource and collapsed.

“We brought dogs from all sides, we had no more space and we reached the food,” admitted one of the women involved in the project, who preferred not to disclose his identity to prevent him to continue to carry dogs of the street.

Ferrero anticipates that the Monday April 3, will conduct a meeting and will be invited to participate to associations protecting animals, neighbors, unions, neighborhood, medical, veterinary, among others, to sort the way of working and put together a line of action. “We’re not sacrificing animals, that is what I want to emphasize,” insisted the official.

From the municipality acknowledge that the problem is serious, but argued that they must work hard also in the responsible ownership and the possible penalties to neighbours who do not comply with the standards.

It is worth mentioning that from the area of Zoonosis of the commune has done an exhaustive job of castration. The average has been four dogs per day. The same has been free, but it always worked with domestic animals and not with the street.

In order to provide a solution to this problem, Gabriel Ferrero will have the support of a veterinary doctor Martin Vargas, who is at the front of Zoonoses. Next to the professional released in addition to take firm decisions.

In this sense, he anticipated that it will also comply with the ordinance 1.445/08, which prohibits the establishment of corrals, stables, porquerizas, rabbit hutches, dovecotes and poultry within the radius of urban of the city of Malargüe.

“That’s going to be tough, because the neighbors claimed by this scourge, so that you shall see in a peremptory term of how it is eradicated”, concluded Ferrero.

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