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As the first aid is always for the human person in cases of disaster, a group of associations of protective animals joined efforts to send to the City of Mexico and Puebla a trailer with only food and medicine for pets affected by the earthquake of 19 September magnitude 7.1.

Alberto Mercado, founder of the Network of Parks, Canines, pointed out that he placed at the disposal of these associations to a travel trailer with a capacity of between 22 and 45 tonnes, depending on what you collect, to move the aid to the dogs or the cats that were left homeless.

“This trailer will be a vehicle direct and without intermediaries, which will go to the City of Mexico and Puebla, to spread beyond the associations of protective animals the donations that citizens have taken to the collection centers that we have installed,” he said.

The collection of pet food will be made until tomorrow, because the next day, at first time, you will depart towards the capital of the country.

Market said that their family will cover the cost of the expenses of the trailer, the driver and the booths: “it is Practically a free transportation and direct, without intermediaries, and with only and only pure support for the animals,” he said.

Also a dog lover assured that there is space for other organizations or municipal governments sent to support pets through this vehicle, even, he said, has already asked Ocotlán: “For whoever wants to use it will get it for free. Yes they want to use it, I put at your disposal”, he clarified.

He explained that they sought their own ways to make the support because they do not want to depend on someone else to come to fruition this helps.

“As we know that the priority is the human being, and they normally come in the second term to the animals, and we see that they always say first the human and leaving behind the support for the animal, we said, ‘we are doing a route solely and directly with our own vehicle’ to support these beings who also help us a lot,” he said.

He recalled that about 10 organizations such as Paws for Help, Taking a friend and Therapy Dogs installed collection centers only to receive support for dogs and cats.

What is required to carry are croquettes, water, towels, blankets, gauze, alcohol, peroxide, cotton, syringes, lamps, straps, plates, and antiseptics.

Some collection centers are the aesthetic Wua Wash, in the avenue, March 18, 5279, cologne Eagles; the hardware River Nile, in avenue River Nile 7848, and at Omni Express 24, in López Mateos Sur 1805, in the colony Chapalita. For more information you can refer to the web page

Market has helped to create 10 parks canine in the metropolitan area, without using public resource.

“We said, ‘we are doing a route solely and directly with our own vehicle’ to support these beings who also help us a lot”
Alberto Mercado, founder of the Network of Parks Canine


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