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Wednesday, 09 August 2017 · 04:00:00.m.

Various groups of Associations and Societies of Animals called for a march on the provincial Legislature, in defense of the life of the pet. Several days ago that through the social networks to denounce poisoning of dogs in various areas of the city, especially in the high zone, and the fly is in repulsion to the unscrupulous and looking for a better control of zoonoses.
Ani Moreno and Graciela Herrera, members of the Society Protective of Animals, and told his concern yesterday in a Radio Ancasti, and summoned to the march.
“The week-end, even days before, we began to see dogs with foaming at the mouth, poisoning, massive in the west zone of the city, a concern terrible because not only animals can be damaged because of this, the poison is so potent that it killed other animals with just a sniff. We are talking about a potent venom that is damaging to the environment, we saw dead birds, foxes killed, and more than 100 dead dogs throughout the city, according to the allegations,” said Moreno.
They added that they feel unprotected by the commune, because it would not be campaigning for spay / neuter for the dogs of the street.
“Zoonosis is not working well, they only make 10 castration by day, but they say that so far this year are 2 thousand castrations, and is not the truth”, they say.

Days past, the commune denounced the action of the poison.

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