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Day-to-day, are hundreds of dogs in the street that roam the city looking for food, in health conditions unfavourable and badly wounded.

According to the estimates of the municipality, in Rock, there are about 500 feral dogs among those who wander in the public road, and the nearly 200 representing the various civic associations of animal protection, according to Laura del Valle Juarez director of Environment.

Affect the traffic, dirty neighborhoods breaking bags in search of food and cause diseases for the human being, in addition to other problems to the neighbors and in their urban environment. Worse is the case of the dogs “potentially dangerous” by their lack of care or reckless conduct of the human being, cause incidents.

The “overpopulation” of wanderers becomes a situation of never-ending because they reproduce quickly leaving offspring dog that, if no action is taken, expect a future similar.

Network of volunteers

Laura Mellado, referring to “Heart Dog”, one of the NGOS most recognized of the city, gave figures enlightening on the issue: by day, receive, and/or rescue between ten or fifteen abandoned dogs; six dogs lost and about seven messages from people who find stray dogs.

While the numbers change from day to day what is certain is that the demand is permanent. “Every day we receive a lot of messages”. According to the solution to the complex problem would appear to pass through the birth control.

“This is a string that is not cut never. We aim to make people aware that this is going to end with the castration (for males and females). It is the only chance for the future finish with the street,” said young, who added: “responsible ownership is another point, be aware that the dog needs to walk, a house, a yard and a veterinarian,” he explained.

There are thirteen volunteers who work with a shelter (a small farm to rent with a capacity for twelve dogs), and with houses of transit.

“We do not receive help of any kind. We got to spend 10,000 pesos in veterinary science, 7000 pesos fixed per month plus other fixed costs”

There are about five organizations that in the Rock work to the themes of protection and responsible ownership and with volunteer efforts and not-for-profit, offer asylum and transit to abandoned dogs and lost. The “Association for the protection of Animals”, “Tails Happy”, “Without pyrotechnics is better”, “Adoptame” and “Heart Dog”; most other individual persons and groups of Facebook that are collaborating with the task independently.

From the municipality coordinate the work with the organizations and maintain a fair, “” virtual adoption dog that is already allowed -so far this year – eight dogs street have a new home. In addition, bring forward instances of castration and deworming free of charge in neighborhoods with the “Theatre mobile” .

Responsible ownership

In June, it passed a new ordinance that regulates this subject, considering that the “holding responsible” means that people take specific measures to ensure an adequate provision of food, shelter, containment, health-care and good treatment throughout life, avoiding also the risk that they could generate .

He says explicitly that “prohibits the movement of dogs and cats on the public road, public spaces”. In the case of dogs, should be used in a method of clamping (collar and strap, flank strap and leash, a muzzle in the event that it is necessary). The municipality has the authority to remove any pet to justify the situation by abuse, street fights, or other inconveniences.

street there is in Rock, between those who live in the street and rescue organizations.

working on a voluntary basis in Rock to protect the animals and providing a home responsible.

Wednesday (journal 27-9) marked the day of the “environmental Awareness” and, therefore, the municipality organized a day free for this Saturday at 15 in the plaza Belgrano. The traditional fair of adopting a dog (virtual), deworming, and rabies vaccination will have special prominence. Also going to be a collection of batteries and cell phones in disuse, in the framework of the program of management of electronic devices and electrical. In addition, you will be able to take caps of plastic that will be produced two murals with artists from the IMBA. The rest of the caps collected will be donated to hospital Garrahan. On the other hand, there will be a workshop on organic kitchen garden, in which specialists will teach how to make compost for the plants taking as an example the “lombricario” built in the Penal Colony 5 and Astapro where extracted 80 kg of lombricompuesto. In the show, we are going to give away samples. There will also be workshops on organic gardening. To finish of clothing one day only, there will be games for children about environmental issues.

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