More complaints for the dog shelter –

After the release of the positive panorama of the Municipality about the daycare dog of the Island, Jordan, spread the anger among the mascoteras and protectionist by the state of maintenance and attention that is given to the animals. As is often the case, social media served as a vehicle to express the rejection, in all its terms, to the claims made by the Address Control.

A neighbor, initials M. A., was front, through Facebook, in its repudiation, and until you posted that, for the situation in which they live, the dogs, already has filed a complaint at a prosecutor’s office, proceeds of which have been made to expertise in the place.

Their expressions were more than 50 comments, 90 backups, and 93 shared by other people; he said that all those involved in the inappropriate treatment being given to the dogs “will give explanations to Justice.”

“I am nothing more than a citizen, gentlemen, but I’m going to assert the rights of those without a voice”, he emphasized and clarified that “all those who protect” which it defines in a very bad way “are accomplices”.

He argued that the dogs of the Island Jordan is serving in his account, veterinary, and said that “there is no veterinarian in the place.” “Take us to neuter the dogs at the Club San Martín as any neighbor does. No one can claim the health of a dog that does not see. I took several puppies of the fund to meet and have malnutrition. It is more, as they are enclosed in spaces of 1×1 all his life is not have muscles. To me no one tells me this, this I live,” he said.

The user’s browser, which was accompanied with photos of his arguments, questioned the foundations of protective that allowed this to happen” and said that the “9 bags of food pedorro by day” do not meet the nutritional needs, in addition to that the product is not of quality, which is seen in that the animals “shit green”. Said that in the premises there is a single caregiver and that the sector remains close, and with “fencing down”. He also reported that there is only one container available and not downloading it for a long time and criticized the fact that until now there has been no campaign of adoption for the dogs. “Zero,” she said.

A single person in charge of the premises

In accordance with the mascotera more outraged of Facebook, MA, the fired employee José Chuliver still be replaced but it keeps going “because no one feeds his animals and no one cleans behind.” This statement was confirmed yesterday by the guild Sitramuci, who fight for the reinstatement of the employee. The other employee, by the name Angel, according to the user “lives in poverty”, to the point that he wondered if “someone came into the trailer”. Other employees “are Monday to Friday half day”. Other internet users joined “the outrage”, questioned also the municipal authorities and certain foundations and mocked the scene described by the official Diego Rebossio, which distaría of being the everyday reality.

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