Abandoned pets are exported – Second Approach

Spain.- Associations animalist in Spain, exported the abandoned pets in the streets and assures them out of the country.

80 percent of dogs and cats abandoned in Spain are exported to other countries through partnerships animalistic as the Association for the Liberation and Animal Welfare (ALBA), and The Snows, who have been given the task of seeking home in countries such as Germany and Belgium.

Once the organizations are to the future families that will receive these animals the organizations proceed to make the trip.

Abandoned pets are exported - Second Approach 1

Prior to delivery, the pets should have ready your passport, since they are not tourists ordinary. In charge of the shipment of the animals is DAWN, for those traveling with pets and take 19 years in this extraordinary work. Within the objectives of their organization highlights the aspiration of offering a home to dogs and cats through adoption that you will have a better future.

For its part, the Association Las Nieves works with two protective animals are also found in Germany a place to shelter the abandoned dogs. Their work began in 2001, and since then have managed to carry 4,000 dogs to this country in search of a better destination.

The lucky ones that were exported and were given a home in Germany were the cats and dogs under the name of Ania Ortiz, Hans Quiros, Moon, Ward, and Johnny Mor, who expects a 30-hour trip to meet their new families.

Abandoned pets are exported - Second Approach 2

According to statistics, in Spain every five minutes, four canes are left on the streets, and that’s why the solution that have succeeded in organizations is to export them to other countries.

According to data of the Ministry of Agriculture, 26 per cent of households have a pet as a dog, and in 2015 had already been registered more than 5.1 million canes, a situation which has ranked Spain as the sixth country of the European Union (EU) with more dogs.

Some pets that are not immediately they get home, they are sent to hostels in Germany, however, each one travels with his plaque that is engraved with your name and a contact phone number.

DAWN explained that in 2016 it received some 1,800 abandoned pets, because Spain abandoned many, but few are those who adopt.

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