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Luis Gerardo Gaviña Gonzalez, mayor of the municipality of Yuriria, Guanajuato, and José Luis Ramírez Martínez, director of Health, they killed 13 dogs, despite the fact that the association “Dame la Pata” was already assigned to the adoption of the canines.

With the permission of the director of Health city gave “the massacre of the canine” without the permission of the high command, where they were euthanized 13 dogs, including 6 puppies, who already had a home and they tried to deliver this Sunday to their new owners.

The civil association “give me your Paw” made a public denunciation against the mayor Gaviña Gonzalez, who is a politician of the Green Party of Mexico (PVEM) by ignoring the extra time to give in adoption to the canines.

“We are outraged that people like this guy to be in charge of a department that is of utmost importance, this can’t go unpunished, that person who ended up in the most wicked and cruel to the life of these puppies, we ask the city to at least punish this person, otherwise we would come to understand who agreed with their actions,” the complaint by the association for social networks.

Through the portal However reported that since the administration of Gaviña Gonzalez have been reported several complaints for animal abuse, and the inadequate measures within the municipal kennel, a work which has 15 years in bad conditions.

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