Ø The campaign of sterilization performed by the municipal government is historic, says the legislator.


As a significant advance in the work to improve the public health in Hermosillo, and to combat the problem of overpopulation animal and eradication of contagious diseases for the human being, called the deputy David Palafox Celaya the mega campaign of sterilisation conducted by the city government headed by president Manuel Ignacio “Maloro” Acosta in the colony Solidarity.

“These spay / neuter campaigns have the primary goal of lowering the high rates of over-population of homeless animals, stray dogs, which are proven models of success in different countries with these measures it is achieved,” said the legislator hermosillense.

“It is historic that a municipal president has been put to work in body and soul in this topic. He was from the beginning of the management and has continued, has increased its concern and occupation to resolve these issues of public health, and urgent priority,” said David Palafox.

This mega campaign of sterilization carried out by the government of Hermosillo, through the Directorate of Health and the Centre-of-Care Canine and Feline, with the collaboration of voluntary associations of protective animals, veterinarians from different states of the Republic, allies in this cause in the responsible care of our animals in the interest of public health.

“My congratulations to all the citizens who brought their animals, which covered the figure of more than 800 sterilizations during the weekend, which represents a historical figure in Sonora,” said Palafox Celaya, who has distinguished himself in his activity as the deputy for the defence and promulgation of laws on protection of animals and how this benefits the public health of the state’s capital.

In addition, we announced the construction of a new Care Centre for Dogs and Cats in the next Metropolitan Park, reforms to the regulation of animal protection in the municipality and campaigns of diffusion and awareness-raising to create and consolidate a culture of care, protection and living animal.

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