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Again, whole families took to the streets and was visible in the increase of the participation of the people, especially the young, in the different activities carried out yesterday, by the Day of the Pedestrian. Yes, there were offenders -47 vehicles and 34 motorcycles were detained for violating the prohibition of circulation of vehicles, but less than last year.

The commander of the Traffic management, Traffic and Road Safety, colonel Jhonny Mancilla, assessed the Day of the Pedestrian as positive because it reduced the number of offenders (in 2016 were more than 150), it also said that the conduct of the citizens was exemplary except for small incidents that occurred at a sports field where there were people who drank; the arrest of six persons in a state of inebriation and the provision of auxiliary routine (drops children) to 15 people, he said.

In addition, the director of Environment of the Mayor’s office, Alexis Montellano, called the Day of the Pedestrian as a success, especially by the massive presence of young people, about 15 thousand calculated, which participated actively in all the activities carried out in the plaza 25 de Mayo, estadio Patria, plazuela Aniceto Arce and the avenue of the Americas.

Montellano said that according to the preliminary data on the measurement of air quality was optimal yesterday. The equipment of the Monitoring Network of the Air Quality Network (MONICA), dependent of the Municipal Government, will throw today, at 6:00, the numbers, after 24 hours of measurement and monitoring.

He also highlighted the hike to the 7 Paws of Sucre, organized by the Higher School of Teachers and the Secretariat of Tourism of the Mayor’s office, activity that will be reinforced in upcoming versions. Announced.

“On the Day of the Pedestrian, the people moved around the city in a healthy way, by bike or on foot, and showed that it is possible. But it is inevitable that there is a reflection: a large part of the population lost the habit of walking, became very sedentary, perhaps because of the accelerated way of life or a bad habit,” he said.

However, the outrage a little girl in the immediate vicinity of the market-San Antonio, led by the Deputy minister of public Security, Carlos Aparicio, dampened the event.


From the early hours of yesterday, families from all neighborhoods of the city took to the streets to enjoy a day without cars and with an air that is cleaner than the usual.

Took advantage of the day for hiking, bicycling, in-line skates and skateboards, as the skaters that made it yours by practicing a series of stunts for some sectors of the city. The smaller handled their strollers, trikes, and moved at your whim with their pets.

Walks, bike rides, zumba classes, and competitions in the open air were developed yesterday in Sucre, in the ninth version of the Day of the Pedestrian.


In addition, in the ninth version of the running Race Canine, participated in hundreds of dogs of different breeds in three categories: small, medium, and large, accompanied by their owners.

The category of canes large departed from the square of The Clock and the categories of dogs, small and medium Stadium’s Homeland, they all came up to the plazuela Aniceto Arce.

Awarded to the first four places of each category, with houses (first and second place), food, medals, trophies and certificates to all contestants. This competition was organized by the Association for the protection of Animals in San Roque.

Wilma Chavarria president of the Association, said that the aim of the competition is to make people aware that yes you can spend a quiet morning together with pets. “I’m happy because I took several generations for that prodiguen love of animals and now they are replicating in their children the same,” he said.

Details of the day

President Evo Morales inaugurated yesterday the activities for the Day of the Pedestrian and Cyclist leading a bicycle caravan that toured the main avenues of the city of Cochabamba.

Morales called on bolivians to enjoy the Day of the Pedestrian and Cyclist in the family, with joy and without polluting the environment.

«With joy and excitement on the Day of the Pedestrian and Cyclist in defense of Mother Earth. Families meeting healthy and fun, without pollution,» wrote the governor in his Twitter account.

The Day of the Pedestrian and Cyclist is held annually every first Sunday of September with the aim of generating awareness on the protection of the environment.

“Day of reflection and identification of lack of policies for protection of the rights of Mother Earth. Ahem. Trump withdraws from Agreement of Paris,” Morales said in another tweet.

The Head of State criticized the fact that the leaders of some countries with high industrial development, especially in the United States, do not worry for the care of Mother Earth.

In the main cities of the country were conducted different sports activities, cultural and recreational activities for the Day of the Pedestrian.

Morales demanded that the activities for the Day of the Pedestrian is also met in the rural areas of the national territory and not only in the cities.

The governor of Chuquisaca, Esteban Urquizu, requested the President and the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) to extend the calendar of the National Day of the Pedestrian, for at least three Sundays a year.

Urquizu justified his proposal with the aim of reducing air and noise pollution, in addition to motivate the population to walk and drive a bike, respecting the traffic signals.

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