MEP presented a new program of collegiate – The Free Press Costa Rica

MEP presented a new program of collegiate - The Free Press Costa Rica 1

A total of 900 students, supported by 60 teachers and guardians and a team of 20 facilitators carried out at this time more than 26 thousand hours of Community Service as a Student.

This is a program developed with the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) in conjunction with the costa Rican Institute on Drugs (ICD), which is viewed as an important space within the school to strengthen skills for life and contribute to the approach to the prevention of the phenomenon of drugs.

Even, from several years ago, the Department of Participation of the Directorate of Student Life, in partnership with the National Association for the protection of Animals (ANPA), has launched a tender for the development of projects of Community Service as a Student.

These projects relate to the protection of the environment and animal welfare.

The project is called “Creative Lifesaver” and has already been implemented in 58 schools throughout the country, which are part of the Programme to education Centres address the Prevention of the Drug Phenomenon of the ICD.

MEP presented a new program of collegiate - The Free Press Costa Rica 2

In the MEP seek to give tools to young people through various projects.

Gabriela Valverde, head of the Department of Student Involvement, said that develop a series of content and techniques that provide alternatives to enhance the protective factors of the youth population and support to the educational centers offers preventive, that respond to interests and student needs and strengthen their identity.

“To strengthen the boys for them to develop a range of skills so that they can make a series of decisions that benefit them and not violate them ourselves,” he said.

He added that the programmes on care animal comprising a means for that, not the sole purpose, however, it is a tool because it consists of a topic of interest to young people.

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It is for this reason that NAFA collaborates on the program with the community service in animal welfare, which is a requirement for graduation, there are a total of 30 hours performed by the students of schools for day scholars and technicians in their junior year.

“Student life, strictly speaking, is the Participation Department, has been given the task of searching for institutions to generate a supply that impact and that is attractive to boys, and with this project, gave the nail on the head”, he mentioned.

MEP presented a new program of collegiate - The Free Press Costa Rica 3

The students are appealing their communal work with ANPA.

Some of the benefits for the prevention against the phenomenon of drugs, which are promoted with the implementation of this project, are:

-Strengthening of skills within the strategy of social interaction, communication, problem analysis, leadership, cooperation, solidarity.

-Strengthening of protective factors such as self-management, self-esteem, communication, socialization, identification with peers, sense of belonging, construction of common projects, among others.

-Represents options for the education center to develop processes of community exchange and inter-agency led by the student population.

-Generation of links that favours processes of knowledge and demystification of the practices that promote the holding and mistreatment of animals domestic or wild.

Photos taken from the Facebook of ANPA

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