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As part of the plan in search of a responsible ownership of animals, the National Commission Honorary of Responsible ownership and Animal Welfare (Cotryba) announced a System of National Registration of pet Animals, which, as part of its establishment, it will force the installation of microchips under the skin of the dogs.

The chip will contain data such as species, breed, sex, name, year of birth, status (tenure, lost, recovered, dead), if the pet is neutered, and a general description of the animal. Before 2018 all the dogs in the company should have placed the subdermal chip.

The decision caused controversy in some or theorganizations that protect animals and also in several dog owners.

The societies reported on meetings with the authorities that the chipeado, in its discretion, should be the last thing to be implemented, «or at least not the first thing», which was not taken into account.

To this is added a public petition addressed to the House of Representatives, to the Cotryba and the Ministry of Livestock, up until now, signed 15.640 people.

The petition, which was uploaded to the platform but it will be delivered to the representatives, requesting the repeal of the resolution of the chip is obligatory for dogs.

The signatories remind you of the article 10 of the Constitution of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, which states that: «No inhabitant of the Republic shall be compelled to do what is not commanded by the law, or deprived of what she does not prohibit».

«A resolution cannot be binding and be above the Constitution. We do not agree with the chip. Because there is nothing proven, except for the fact that stray dogs are going to go very wrong. Because when it comes time to control urban wildlife, it is easier for the State when he knows what dog is not going to claim anyone if it goes away,» says the petition.

In the petition, the signatories to ensure that it is not known what physical effects can cause the chip-and-feel that does not guarantee that there are less dropouts. In fact, believe that to leave a dog that has a chip, there are chances that you make a pit «and leave their fate to an animal hurt».

Finally, remember that the chip required can become an excuse for them to kill homeless animals, because that was not done in due manner the task of «raising awareness, neuter, inform.»

As a workaround suggest you put a flat iron-identifying mandatory «without the need of giving a possibility to a State irresponsible to not neuter, who comes to kill the animals that no one claimed».

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