More than a hundred penguins died on the beaches of Miramar | Animals –

During the last few days, residents of Miramar were concerned by the more than 100 penguins that were found dead on different beaches of the city.

The specimens were spotted especially in the sectors of the center and south so we quickly gave notice to specialists to analyze the situation.

From the center of rehabilitation of Marine Fauna, it was informed that, «it’s about penguins youth that come from Patagonia, specimens of minors who were born in December and come to the beaches malnourished and sick.»

«This phenomenon tends to be prevalent at this time of year, although none of the animals of this species, which received up to the time the center is oiled», expressed from the institution for the protection of animals.

On the causes that can result in death of the penguins said, «one of them might be overfishing that comes up affecting the last few years this area of the coast», although other sources make it clear that «also fleeing from predators, and this can generate a stress that leads to its demise».

The rescued animals are being controlled by the body of professionals who make up the rehabilitation centre as they have a bacteria which is being analyzed.

«The recovery is going to take a long time. There are some copies that came in a serious condition, we are hydrating so they can improve and when they are better health will return to the sea», mentioned from the entity.

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