Moved to NY to 46 dogs rescued from South Korea – The New Herald

A total of 46 dogs that were rescued from a farm in South Korea where they were to be slaughtered for human consumption came to New York in plane, reported advocates of the animals on Sunday. The rescued dogs will be available for adoption.

The International Society for the protection of Animals was responsible for the rescue of the dogs, barely surviving with little food.

The dogs arrived Saturday night at the International Airport, Kennedy and Sunday were moved to emergency shelters in New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

The farm in Goyang, a city north of Seoul, «looked more like a dungeon, there was little light and almost no ventilation, so that the stench of ammonia solution was to cry the eyes of those who travel to the place,» said Kelly O’meara, who oversees the international projects of the company related with animals from company.

«You could see eyes that looked at one, but it was hard to distinguish the dogs themselves in the dark,» he added.

Some 17,000 more farms of this type still in operation in South Korea, reported O’meara. However, he said, it’s a business in decline in a society where the demand for dog meat goes to the poor.

However, each year is consumed is still the meat of about two million dogs.

In the united States, the rescued dogs will be available for adoption once the shelters to assess their behavioral and medical needs, and ensure that each one is ready for a new life in someone else’s house.

In South Korea, the dogs did not receive any veterinary care, said O’meara.

«Or resisted, or died in the cage and only gave them enough food to keep them alive,» he added.

Among the more than 800 dogs destined for human consumption that the Human Society has rescued from 2015 in seven farms had canes cross and pure breed, from a chihuahua and a maltese up to several spaniel and a Saint Bernard.

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