Naked woman in corraleja creates controversy in Santo Tomás – El Heraldo (Colombia)

A woman who ran naked during the corraleja held last weekend in st. Thomas, has generated controversy among its inhabitants.

In a video hung on YouTube you can see the woman running from the crowd. According to inhabitants of the municipality, is not the first time that you see these cases because the people who lend themselves to these acts do so with the purpose of receiving a sum of money approximately $500,000

This is Georgina González Guzmán, known as ‘the Scavenger’ and is dedicated to explore the corralejas to earn money to exercise these acts.

According to Guzmán, he accepted the request of the public because she has breast cancer and needs the money to pay for treatment.

The mayor of Santo Tomás, Luis Escorcia, rejected the attitude of the woman and clarified that it is neither resides in the municipality.

“We have understood that it is the department of The Guajira and resides in Arenal, Bolivar. This lady goes corraleja in corraleja showing this embarrassing spectacle,” said the representative, at the time that said that once the woman came out of the corralejas was stopped by the Police and given three subpoenas: two economic and one pedagogical. One value of 760.000 weights and the other of 339.000 weights.

The woman must be submitted to a series of talks teaching, failure to do so will not be able to apply for permits, get licenses of traffic, nor occupy public positions, among others, as set forth in the Code of Police.

Escorcia said that the woman also undressed in the outskirts of the corraleja, in the canteen, what it means for the mayor that ‘the Scavengers’ “needs to accompanied by a doctor, a psychiatric treatment”.

Bulls and horses dead

Nine bulls and four dead horses, and eight horses wounded, is the balance sheet until the date you leave the corralejas de Sincé in spite of the warnings made by the Association for the protection of Animals, who in reiteras occasions has demanded its abolition.

The horn-flanked died in the middle of the bullpen or when they were transferred to farms, some of them due to stress by the change of climate, coming from the interior of the country.

This means wanted to know the version of the organizers of the corralejas, the largest of Sucre, and was assured that they pronounce no through a press release that never came.

Who showed his non-conformism was Mufith Salaiman Fayak, president of the Association who stated that a call was made to the Office that morning, once completed the holidays, judicialice those responsible, because it is a fact that will be warned and take measures.

“We have spent many years in dialogue with the municipalities in Sincé, and what we demand is the abolition, that these spaces be replaced,” he explained.

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