Happy they showed the local authorities and the team participated in the Plan Canine Community that ran the Municipality of Natales, after this Thursday, the 27th of July down the curtain to the Program Thousand Sterilizations.

Up to the room of multiple use came the Mayor of the commune, Fernando Paredes Mansilla, accompanied by the Councillors Ana Mayorga, Veronica Perez, and council members Daniel Córdova and Jose Cuyul, to participate in the closing Program Thousand Sterilizations, which was funded by the office of the Undersecretary for Regional Development, and the logistical support of the humane Society “Faithful Friends”.

Were almost 4 months that lasted the program where it achieved the goal of operating at close to 800 dogs and 200 cats males and females. On the fulfillment of this objective, the Mayor Fernando Paredes Mansilla he had only words of thanks mainly to the humane Society, to the Subdere and the neighborhood boards of the populations Octavio Castro and Eduardo Frei, “…When we started the period alcaldicio one of the goals within the Plan Natales 2020 was the theme of working in responsible pet ownership, and this is an essential factor that we are running this year, thanks to the contribution and support of the deputy Secretary, Regional Development today we are celebrating two important facts. The first is to fulfill the goal of a thousand sterilizations, and, the second thing is that we already have a municipal register of 2500 pets registered, which shows that we are moving in the record communal pets that we have and allow us to handle after with a system of record that when a pet this wandering around the street we know who is the owner…”, stressed the Mayor.

A special moment at the close of the program was short-lived when the Municipality of Natales wanted to recognize the important work that develops some years ago the Society for the protection of Animals “Faithful Friends”, represented by its president, María Díaz, who received from the hands of the Mayor and council members recognition for their selfless work, commitment and support to the initiative to take care of pets that are largely abandoned; in this same line, the chief community pointed out that the humane Society played a critical role in the organization and work of sterilization which comes to an end at this stage.

In the meantime, the Programme Coordinator and representative of the Subdere in Magallanes, Carlos Pavez, noted that as an institution to participate of this closure is extremely satisfactory, which enables you to move forward in the public policy embedded in the program of the government, and which is related to the responsible ownership of pets; “…through the Subdere) and the Ministry of Interior is always providing resources to municipalities to promote tenure responsible for pets, in the case of Natal was made with the Sterilization Program that included a thousand animals, canines and felids, where it can be seen that fulfilled in a satisfactory manner the goal on the part of the community, but we as Subdere we continue to encourage other communities to participate in the various programs that exist on the line to the holding responsible of pets as it was the case of Natal…” said the Coordinator.

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