In the presence of the various means of communication, the Municipality of Natales and next to the Subdere of Magellan, the humane Society’s “Faithful Friends”, and the Neighborhood Meeting N°28 belonging to the population Eduardo Frei; the launch of the Campaign called 1000 Sterilizations Free of charge, in the framework of the Program Plan Natales 2020.

The activity was led by the Mayor of the commune, Fernando Paredes Mansilla, together with the Regional Director of the Subdere, Claudia Ruiz, who were accompanied by Councillors Veronica Perez, Daniel Cordova, Jose Cuyul and Guillermo Ruiz, and representatives of the Provincial government of ultima esperanza (Last Hope. In the opportunity the highest communal authority he said that this initiative comes to meet an important demand of the community natalina; “…There is that to remind the community that one of the greatest longings are the neighbors, is to convert to Natales free of abandoned dogs and we made it through the Plan Natales 2020 that is will be a long way to go, where it requires the work of many institutions and, of course, the commitment of our Municipality, that today thanks to the dedication of Government resources through the Subdere, we can perform this sterilization program…”, he said.

The chief community took advantage of the instance to thank to the deputy minister of Regional Development of Magellan through its Director Claudia Ruiz for the resources contributed by the Government in this matter. He also stressed the commitment and great work of the humane Society “Faithful Friends”, who have always been supporting the cause of the care of the animals, which, in addition, that will have an important role in the realization of this program; as well as the commitment of work of residents in the town, Eduardo Frei, and Octavio Castro where you focus a large part of the campaign of sterilization 2017.

For its part, Claudia Ruiz Director of the Subdere of Magellan, noted that Home start to run the program which is as a of presidential action; “…let’s Hope that this program has a development prospero, in the measure that we are advancing in sterilizations, the municipality can re-gain access to these funds with the idea of being able to continue with a higher number of sterilizations and as well, to avoid the overcrowding about everything in this city is tourism, taking into account that it is a responsibility of all and of all to avoid such overcrowding,” said Ruiz.

In both the professional in charge of the program, the Doctor of Veterinary Carolina Ibarra said what, the plan is to be able to neuter both males and females of which many of the animals have owners and live on the street so that the extent of castration of these animals it will result in the decrease of fertilization, street fights and fewer attacks of dogs to people.

Individuals interested in spaying or neutering their pets can contact the environment unit of the municipality, Monday to Friday and, through various neighborhood boards will be informing you from time to time by means of a calendar that already made the entities involved. The operation has an estimated duration of 3 months with an approximate cost of 25 million pesos to be delivered by the Subdere, through the National Program for Responsible ownership of companion Animals (PETRAC).

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