Municipality announced a Public Hearing for the overpopulation of dogs – FM Dimension – El Calafate

The Municipality of El Calafate will convene for the first time to a public audience and will be to address a hot topic in this and other cities of Santa Cruz: the overpopulation of dogs and responsible ownership.

“After the elections, the mayor plans to call a Public Hearing to define what we going to do with the overpopulation dog that we have. We’re going to convene to get to know the opinion of the people to solve the issue”, revealed the secretary of Government, Omar Gallardo, FM Dimension.

The announcement was made at a time in which you multiply the neighbours complained about the growing presence of dogs in the streets of all the neighborhoods, and the disruption it causes. There are frequent cases of bites suffered by neighbors

This is in addition to the breakage of bags of waste that the animals make in search of food, the waste that they generate and the mating and procreation without control that increases even more the dog population.

There is a large percentage of dogs that have owners that are almost all day on the road. The Municipality receives criticism for not putting control and apply the penalties that are set forth in the ordinances.

From the commune, the Government secretary explained that they have no more place to save the dogs that are captured. The current shelter is managed by TAMA, the protective association, which maintains more than 130 animals practically without financial support from the Municipality, which is responsible for the public health of the city.

Last week they met the claims of neighbors that the city dog pound they captured their dogs that were loose, and when they went to seek refuge, from TAMA they were informed that there were not taken, they ask the Veterinary Service of the municipality.

This morning, Gallardo explained that the Kennel came out just one day, captured a few animals that he then had to drop, because they don’t have the place for them, as admitted by the municipal Secretary.

Added to this was the report of at least five cases of dogs poisoned, mainly in the neighborhood Airport Old, reeditándose a dangerous and criminal action of strangers that put in risk the life of people. “We lost to people that do not take decisions into their own hands”, he asked the municipal clerk, alerting about the risks involved in this action. In front of this growing complaint that is becoming more and more widespread, the Municipality comes out to promise the realization of a Public Hearing.

While the idea of this call is to listen to the opinion of the neighbors about the what to do to address this problem, according to the statements of Gallardo, the Township has an idea of working in an Emergency declaration. This tool allows you to take extraordinary measures and to provide funds to apply in a specific way to address the problem in question.

“We are not going to dodge this topic. At some point we have to start. The theme of the canes is a debt great that we have with the population”, he admitted Gallardo in the program Radio Active.

Consulted on the alternative that was heard in other cities that it is removing mass, and for the only time of the stray dogs to reduce the population. In this regard, the official recalled that El Calafate is declared as a Municipality does Not Eutanásico, but slipped in the framework of a declaration of Emergency may be suspended momentarily that ordinance.

But he stressed once again the call that the call to Public Hearing will be “to listen to the neighbors, and the best ideas are going to be referred to”.

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