Must remain dolphinariums: humane Society – Galu (press Release)

Must remain dolphinariums: humane Society

Cancun, may 18, (Infoqroo).- The president of the humane Society, Sara Rincon Gallardo, considered it a serious mistake to pass the law that would mean the gradual disappearance of the dolphinariums, especially the advances in the research and protection of animals that are generated through the companies that operate those places.

Held that the amendment to article 60 bis of the General Law of Wild Life, Marine Mammal, shall prohibit the dolphinariums for recreational use, and that in the long run will suffer to the animals.

In a press conference, said that the dolphins are already accustomed to the interaction and do not see it as work because they are happy as well, in addition to which as well allows children to get to know you.

In addition, it showed against the associations that unite to put an end to dolphinariums because they only externalize a position without knowing about the issue, calling for the separation of males with females, making mating and the worst thing is that they support a proposal of the Environmentalist Green Party of Mexico that are not congruent.

In that sense, he said that one of the examples that you seek to avoid, is that of circuses without animals, a proposal that worked since the specimens were removed from the companies but without knowing the whereabouts of the 80% of these.

-Many animals are not rescued and some died, » he regretted.

He indicated that the request of the humane Society is that senators should not endorse what he sent the Congress, which in a long-term, he proposes the extinction of the dolphinariums.

He also said that the justification that the companies are the only ones who worry about the sea animals when there are mass strandings like the one that recently was recorded on Isla Mujeres, a male dolphin of age 25, and that thanks to the care of specialists from the network of marine mammal stranding recovered and this by returning to the sea.

Rincón Gallardo explained that the associations are said to benefit the dolphins, however when you require assistance reach only the specialists of the dolphinariums to rescue them, take them to the facilities and are the expenses for to improve your health then leave them free.

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