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It is a black labrador crossed with grifón two years of age these last few weeks, it became the new pet of the president and Emmanuel Macron. They determined that it was «love at first sight» and it was released in public


The adoption of pets without homes that are in shelters and in street situation is of the utmost importance for a large part of the society. Any act related to this theme on the part of public figures is without a doubt of great help to those associations that annually do not rest to find a home to thousands of dogs without a family. In this opportunity, the example gave the French president Macron when you adopt your new pet and particular.


This is a cute black labrador crossed with grifón of almost two years of age and was the last protagonist of the world’s media then it is displayed in front of the cameras during the mini-summit on immigration organized by Emmanuel Macron. The cheerful can be in charge of to receive to receive to the leaders global to view all.


Sunday the 27th of August the marriage presidential decided to add a new member to the family who was rescued from the shelter of the Society for the protection of Animals (SPA), in the town of Tulle, in central France.


Brigitte Macron was the one who attended the center for animals in search of the sympathetic can, which he fell in love at first sight despite having declared that he had never had a dog in their home. It was the French president who paid the 250 euros corresponding that requires an adoption of this type and they flatly refused to give out the SPA, as proposed in the beginning.


«The first lady gave a few ‘criteria’ according to which the protector sought to be an ideal candidate, who became the new mascot of the Macron and before it was called Marin. The fact that a president take is an act unprecedented with a strong symbolism. Is the ‘first dog’ of France and we are very proud», explained the country the president of SPA, Natacha Harry.


The humane Society will, no doubt, is grateful with the gesture of the presidential family. It is known that only in 2016, the shelters of SPA collected nearly 60,000 pets, the record to date, with 24% more dropouts than the previous year. France is today the country of Europe where more animals are abandoned by their owners


Source: Infobae

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