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In Neiva the maltreatment of animals has become a fact without importance, however with the new laws against animal abuse community has been denouncing.

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A famous German philosopher said over 200 years ago: ‘he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good person’, precisely, this is what is has been gaining an important space in the reality of a society that is not willing to tolerate that animals are treated as objects, which was formalized when the president of the Republic Juan Manuel Santos passed the Law Against Animal Abuse.

But, these laws are prescribed, the facts against the mistreatment of animals are still vivenciándose in the city as an event that is very normal in the eyes of the opitas.

Reason to this, and thanks to the joint efforts of the Associations of Defenders of Animals, it has been seen that the community is tired of the affectations that are suffering the animals have already been denouncing. It is so a woman resident of the neighborhood of The Maelstrom, north of the capital, consist, filed yesterday a lawsuit against a subject who killed a dog a blow that gave him in the abdomen.


This woman, who, for fear that his life is in danger, he reveals his identity, spoke with Diario del Huila with regard to the fact that accused lovers of animals.

“I was in my house in the laundry room, when I heard someone crying, I went to the room, I opened the window and saw the neighbor girl came crying with my puppy, I said screaming and worried that the dog was wrong, I went out, she told me to pick it up and take it to the vet. The neighbor I had stuck to the dog , then at that time the lord immediately pulled out and stopped in front of the gate of my house and told me that yes he had hit the dog because I was having lunch and the animal had eaten the meat”, narrated the woman in the midst of sadness.

“I tried to resuscitate ‘Coky’”

The woman after having heard the words of the subject identified as Julio César Cabrera, grabbed the can and went to his house. In the middle of the dialog with this method of communication, the woman expressed, “I neither turned to look, the only thing I did was grab my dog, I took a bath and the dog, I came back, I tried to resuscitate ‘Coky’, and did not stop, I caught the bike with my son, we went to the veterinary, the medical what also helped, was something for the pain and another drug to revive him and after she told me that she didn’t have the utensils to do an ultrasound, I was going to go to a veterinary that is located diagonal to the store Success of the neighborhood Farms. I went to this veterinary. When you arrive they asked me what had happened, I told them and they treated me the puppy,” said the owner of ‘Coky’.

“Hurt him the glass”

Since the medical zootecnistas, attending to the poor dog, they decide to talk with the owner of the animal, which, according to versions of the same woman, by the blow that gave him the dog, which had 11 years of life, hurt him the glass, and for this reason he died.

“The vet told me that they needed to operate on the dog because I had hurt the glass, that from the blow he had given him had burst, if not we operated the dog died, they gave me the quote and I were almost 800 thousand pesos, but did not have the availability of the full money to do so, then I took the dog back to my house, I called the Quadrant, who told me that just the lord that he struck the dog came, give notice to the for that they had some warning to environmental police”, spoke the woman with red eyes from crying for the poor animal.


When it came to Julius Caesar to his house, the wife gave notice to the Quadrant, who immediately sent to the members of the Environmental Police, who also perished, the suffering of the dog while she lay dying.

“When that gentleman arrived, I called the quadrant, which was submitted to the uniformed, they went in, they looked at the dog when he was dying, we went to the house of the lord, and I told them who it was who hit the dog, he came and said: agent, between the house and talked; the officers entered and the lord mentioned to the officers that he would explain what happened. He said that he every day he brought a nephew to the house, at that moment, I remembered that on that day his nephew had not been there, but he mentioned that yes he had been taken away and that just at the time of the incident, the nephew was eating and the dog had gone to the hand of the child and reportedly had been bitten.

At that time I told him that if the dog would have bitten he must have gone to my house to have been able to provide first aid to his nephew and take him to the doctor; in addition, I reminded him that when he passed in front of the house, I said that it was for the child, but because supposedly the dog had eaten his lunch and that’s why you was stuck, he also said that he was stuck with a broom and that it didn’t matter because the dog was old”, said the woman in the middle of the crying.

Showing the response of the man, the woman said, “the only thing I told him was that it didn’t matter if it were a human or a dog, the only thing that mattered is that it was a life, the lord said that if I wanted he would give me another dog, then the police intervened, said that was not enough because the dog is a life, then with the worst cynicism and inhumanity tells me: then will I answer for half of the medical expenses; I told him that he needed to respond because for the dog to operate, because the dog was bad, to the point of death, and I told him that if that was a dog outside, how to treat a dog’s own, then he in the end said that the thing demanded and that it would make what you would like,” concluded the woman.

In the midst of the discussion the officers decided to send the woman to her home, who then indicated to the subject by the crime that was involved, they took the data, and then provided to the woman, who lodged a complaint against this subject.

Protection of animals

To the Protective Association of Animals this is a fact which would be abhorrent and invite the community to continue denouncing this kind of atrocities, “reprochamos this act, is outrageous, and this is not going to be like this, we will continue to encourage people to report, the impunity against the animal abuse has got to stop, that that is a precedent to people that are maltratadoras to react and to raise awareness that this can’t continue to commit,” said Sonia Montero, representative of the Association for the protection of Animals.

Watching this case it is expected that the justice enforce these laws, which seek a change to the care of defenseless animals.

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