New day of castration of dogs and cats – Hope DíaXDía

This Friday the 31st of march will be in the Neighborhood of Barrio Sur, in the building of the former Railroad, a new operating sterilizations mass of dogs and cats in charge of the Association Esperancina of cruelty to Animals (AEPA). Mary Elizabeth Moos, highlighted the need to increase the number of spayed / neutered animals to have a better control of the population.

In dialogue with the CBC Radio, Moos recalled that the castrations are performed “from the 8, by order of arrival, and the animals must be accompanied by an adult. The animal must have a 12-hour fast for solids and liquids, go with the strap if it is dog and a bag of underlay if it is a cat.”

He stressed that this opportunity “will have a cost of 50 pesos per person and only castrarán females”. In terms of the collection, indicated that “the idea always is to make it free, but it is a mode of collaboration because today the costs are very uphill struggle”.New day of castration of dogs and cats - Hope DíaXDía 1

The leader reiterated the need “to make more castrations of which are made currently, because the Municipality only made 80”. “To have a population control years ago, it was estimated that four of the people had an animal and today it is half; that is to say that if there are 50,000 inhabitants in Hope, 25,000 dogs and cats, with which we must neuter the 10 per cent a year which would make the 2,500 castrations per year”, he explained.

“If you could have a day of all the months of 30 sterilizations, we would be at 120 or 130 days massive, but the institution has a fixed cost in veterinary of between 6,000 and 7,000 pesos per month because although not make days are sterilized pets the same,” he said.

He also stated that the refuge of abandoned pets continues to work “on a contract signed with the Municipality and there are currently 36 animals’, and days spent in a meeting with the secretary of Government, Alfonso Gomez, “asked for an improvement in the physical conditions of the place, dog runs, bowls, and an improvement in the care of the animals.”


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