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The Movement Entrepreneur of Pavia, in conjunction with several community councils and organizations in defense of animals, will mobilize this Saturday, July 24 the areas of Pavia, Above, Father Diego, Piedra Colorada, The Terrain, Valleys of the Sun, The Orchid, among many others in the west of Barquisimeto, a march that will take as a point of arrival Plaza to Look, with the aim to join more sectors to the protests over the change of government and the transformation of the country.

“We will add more people to express their dissatisfaction for what is happening. Will that be the same communities, from the most humble of Barquisimeto, take the word and say the shortcomings that suffer, when we get to the Plaza Miranda,” said the president of the movement apolitical, Luis Guillermo Ganeda.

In this opportunity, we will participate some of the members of the Circuit Juan Villegas: Dr. María Teresa Pérez for the party’s Advanced Progressive, Luis Florido by Popular Will and the professor Bolivia Sanchez by Cause A.

The caravan will start at 9 in the morning in the sector Pavia Up The Melon, where the inhabitants of this sector will be moved by vehicle to the Hotel Arambal, where a second concentration, they will be joined. Then, we will mobilize towards a third concentration in Fedecámaras, will continue until the Pharmacy St. Ignatius, and will begin a march that will pass through the C. C. Metropolis. Subsequently, the walkers will continue until the Church John the Evangelist, to culminate in the Square Look.

“The invitation is to join from anyone who points and support this inclusion of sectors that have not been taken into account for the partnership the fight: help us to awaken the feeling which unites us to all venezuelans,” he added Ganeda.

Animal rights

The march has as its second objective, to magnify the importance of animals as valuable natural resources of the country, which are severely affected by the situation.

“In Caracas, an official from the Sebin shot a dog innocent in the midst of a crackdown on the protest on The Green, in Caracas. And this is not the only way in which our animals are harmed: there is no food for them, poisons against pests, vitamins. By that of Pavia, as a producer of cattle, goat, you have to make a call to the humane society to join us in this fight, since the march is due to the sacrifice of a worthy pet,” said the vice president of the movement, professor Luis Bello.

Bello added that in the town of Pavia is gradually diminishing the production of meat of goat, due to the lack of food and medicines, which will result in losing dozens of jobs in restaurants and canteens inside and outside of Barquisimeto.

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