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September 05, 2017


In Tijuana, Baja California, Jazmin, a girl of 7 years, abandon your puppy outside the house of a woman, who has gained fame as the protector of animals. The pet was in a cardboard box along with a letter and 8 weights.

Girl leaves your pet, with eight pesos; leave letter ... - RadioFórmula 1

Photo: Twitter

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In social networks circulates the photo of «Cristalita», the mascot of Jazmin, a girl of 7 years who resides in Tijuana, Baja California.

It was through Facebook that the user Paty Suale became known this fact, where he also quotes the letter reasons that Jazmin left next to your pet, in which can be read: «you had to leave your door because they told me that you care for animals that have no home, and she is no longer going to have because my parents do not want it, because it is not original, as if my mom and my dad want to pull better you leave it to not pass cold and have food.»

In this document, Jazmin also asserts that, for their young age, can not continue to take care of your pet, in addition to not receiving the sufficient resource for support.

However, he made the amount of 8 pesos to help the new owner of «Cristalita», but not before asking the woman to remind your dog how much he loves her.

The caretaker of animals was placed at the disposal of the users different bank accounts where requested and is grateful for any donation to be able to take charge of their new resident.

«Cristalita» is under guard and will be put up for adoption.


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