Girl makes a tender announcement, to find her lost dog in … – News MVS

In social networks, caused tenderness the announcement that put a girl in the colonia Obrera, to find his lost puppy.

A girl posted a picture of your puppy lost «Morgan», in the colonia Obrera of the delegation Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City.

On a poster board, the child wrote down the characteristics of your pet: “brown, breed maltese and size puppy”; he also put his contact information and offered as a reward a hot chocolate.

Also put a message for those who come to the finding of the canine: «He is a Morgan and he is my best friend and does not have much that is with me. It is a baby, I say. Not much of a reward. He brought a yoke. Please don’t stay.”

The association «Oceanican» shared the search request for Morgan, and finally the organization for the protection of Animals Mexico announced that it had already been located thanks to the support received.

Canine Association Malaga

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