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Niña perdió a su perro y felizmente lo recuperó gracias a su dibujo

A girl from the City of Mexico, to the despair of having lost your pet and don’t have photographs to look for him, he decided to make a poster with a drawing of the animal.

The minor never lost the hope of finding “Morgan”, his faithful companion, a small dog breed maltese. Along with his parents and friends toured the streets, pasting posters with a cute drawing and the following legend:

“He is Morgan and this is my best friend and does not have much that is with me. It is a baby. Not much of a reward, brought a yoke. Please don’t stay”.

Morgan was found thanks to the cute drawing that you did your own and the help of parents, friends, and social networks. A story with a happy ending (Protective Animaless of Mexico/ Facebook)

The tender drawing is not quickly circulated through Facebook and the reward of a chocolate, although it wasn’t much, he managed to move the hearts of the users that masificaron the image, and in this way they were able to locate Morgan.

The page of the humane Society of Mexico, announced the happy news that the maltese was back with its owner, with the following message: “there are No limits to strive for a loved one. Never stop to look. The plate data is the return home”.

The humane Society of Mexico announced that by the end, Morgan had returned home. (Animal protection of Mexico/ Facebook)

Who has had a dog knows that these animals are able to create a special bond with their owners; much more when they are young and playful puppies. The possibility of losing them is very painful especially being a boy or a girl. So don’t forget to follow the recommendations of the protective organization.

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