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Not the dressage and the pony, yes to life

No a la doma y la jineteada, sí a la vida

By Association Paws

In the year 2014 after a relentless struggle on the part of the Association for the protection of Animals, “Paws» was achieved for the first time in Argentina the prohibition of the activity domas and trick riding in our city.

Gualeguaychú was at that time recognized at the national level in international for daring to take a momentous step forward in the rights of animals and in particular horses.

The decree, further to prohibit the activity in the suburbs of the city, formed a special commission of technical advice to develop reasoned opinion, with regard to the activity of “trick riding horse” in order to investigate if the appellation “sport” involved exploitation, ill-treatment or cruelty to the horses, as set by the National Law 14.346.

Unfortunately with the decree in force, and in the process of study of the topic by the commission, the Municipality authorized a show of domas and trick riding without giving effect to the commission created to this end.

Today, with the news that you are going to do a dressage to celebrate a new anniversary of a radio on the 1st of October we want to make clear our principles.

That we are opposed to the exploitation and animal abuse in any of its forms.

That it is necessary to struggle permanently to foster in the community respect and sensitivity and to avoid any act of violence towards a living being, covering all animal species.

That, it seems important to re-launch the commission for it to fulfill its task.

That you can’t tolerate that continue these practices under the argument that it is a tradition.

And we can’t educate our children that it is okay to hurt an animal for fun .

For these reasons we say No to the dressage and the pony, yes to life.

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