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A little over a week, Jorge Garcia travelled with his car on calle Portugal, and near the plaza Terminal, hit a stray bitch that crossed his. The driver stopped his march and also helped the animal and that good action which is not many carry out, what led to finding many negative responses on the part of the municipality and houses dedicated to the care of pets.

Garcia told El Eco de Tandil that “last Thursday I had an accident with a stray bitch, I took charge and along with a woman who was passing and brought her to the veterinary-Mile-Cure. There started all the trouble”.

He continued narrating, “I spent 3300 pesos in the veterinary first aid, I wanted to communicate with someone to be made responsible for the animal but found no one. To no longer causing costs I decided last Saturday to take her to my house and now I have it next to my family.”

As for the injuries that the animal has said, “there is that operate the hip because it has the femur out and the expense of the operation costs 3000 pesos”.

When asked about whether he had attended the humane City to take charge of the bitch, said that “there is no one in the party city that is in charge, so that on Monday I will have to pay for the operation or to leave the animal-drawn”.


Garcia stated that “I posted pictures of the bitch on the social network Facebook to see if any person could assist by dropping off money for the vet. There were people that passed, but the truth is that the expenses are many.”

He said that “I sought to disseminate the fact to see if they could absorb the costs and be able to locate the animal, because I have a pet of several years in my home and I don’t know where to put the new animal”.

Noted that “on the other hand should someone begin to deal with. In the university I didn’t get any balls, because they say that the veterinary hospital is not open to the public.” He added that “I do not know where it goes, but one ran over a dog tramp, takes over and really gets in a mess”.

No responses

He said that “I went up to MascoTandil, in principle there greeted me and after I was able to talk with Mariana (Jara) and told me that I can’t do nothing because is full of dogs. I said he posted on Facebook to see if other people could help you.”

He explained that “what is most amazing is that the Municipality does not respond. I was talking with the Protective Animal of Tandil (PAT), where they treated me very well, I expressed that they could have the dog on your property but they could not absorb the costs of the operation. To leave an animal with the hip hurt in a place where there are many animals, not for it seemed more appropriate.”

The man continues to harbor the injured animal while waiting for some kind of answers. “I give him to eat-he pointed out-and I put a heardit interim is of my dog in front of my house, because being locked up is not a good condition of life. Monday at the vet Crovetto they are going to operate.”

Finally, Garcia said, “I am owing money at the vet where you had the first aid kit and Monday, will I need to also Crovetto as the operation costs 3000 pesos more antibiotics. I proposed to make an account and people who can collaborate to deposit, or directly bring the donation to the same veterinary in Rock 460. And if you covered the operation and wasted money of the silver would be for some entity for the protection of animals that need it.”

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