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  • Binomial canine independent allowed the rescue of four bodies and one living person
  • Roberto Garcia and Alvin participated in the rescue effort in the City of Mexico, in collaboration with the Navy and the Army

Alvin is a labrador retriever that Roberto Garcia Herrera was rescued from the street, with him, traveled to the City of Mexico and participated in the rescue efforts in Mexico City after the earthquake of September 19, this combination aided in the rescue of four bodies and one person alive.

Roberto Garcia Herrera and Alvin, binomial that belongs to the Canine Unit of the delegation Red Cross Aguascalientes, traveled to Mexico City, “we Investigated if they were going to occupy the Canine Unit by the Red Cross, but we were told that the national headquarters had not even requested the support, which were pending in the case. To me, it made me much, we had a couple of days, and I made the determination to go on my own, no flags, no colors, as if I were put forward. He gave a lot of good results.”

The rescuer was narrated that he traveled with the support of a company bus, on their arrival, was so much unity between people that was able to move free until the “ground zero”, in the center of the city, where it is immediately contacted with the person in charge of the care units.

Two blocks from where they made their arrival, they had their first intervention, where Alvin scored on two occasions; but they could not know if the subjects were persons living or deceased. A binomial of the Mexican Army confirmed that the dog had marked, which allowed them to continue with the work. In the middle of the work, commented that the news arrived that on the street Alvaro Obregón is also occupied by dogs, where was concentrated a large part of the emergency, asked for their collaboration and to the 3:00 hour call to work at the top of the plate of the collapse of a building, there gave two clockings positive, confirmed by another binomial independent.

The next day, they were called to collaborate on the part of the Cynological Association of mexico in the colonia Del Valle, calle Juan Mancera; a commander of the Secretariat of National Defense, to know that the Alvin is self-contained, that is to say, that driving without a belt, was asked to enter a building; Alvin low to the parking lot, so that Roberto Garcia was immediately after him at a distance relevant to your care. The dog came to a kind of tunnel, and the coach behind him to support him and go by removing the debris. Alvin came up to a car and began to bark and get scratched with despair, when the rescuer hit the picture of the car… and receives a response: “The person listened to me, but I do not to it, tell him that if he hears me give him a blow and he responds with another blow. Beginning to ask the routine questions, that, if it was okay to give a blow, if it was wrong to give him two, or a Yes, a hit and a No two. When I asked him if he was okay, he answered not; I asked him if he was single and I said no; then I asked the person I was was well and gave me two shots… and for that they had already spent nearly four days in which these people were inside a car, buried under the rubble… The other person was deceased”.

Roberto Garcia was notified of the finding of Alvin, although he could not stay to know the end of the story of this rescue, how he was the person who found it, for there were many tons of debris that should be removed, special work for the Army and the Navy, and requested their services quickly at another point. Until that time, the pair he wore on his marking four bodies and rescued and a living person.

At 7:00 in the morning came to the colonia Álvaro Obregón to the service veterinary medical review to Alvin, because moments before, he had begun to limp. The medical opinion was that he stepped on glass fiber, and possibly the car that’s scratched and where he found the person alive, for what the coach making the decision not to enter the dog to the rescue work.

In these moments of rest is where Roberto García known to a group of rescuers who, like him, came independently to support in the disaster; he was asked to join them, without Alvin, so he joined the rescue effort with that team. The link friendly and solidarity in the midst of the tragedy was immediately very strong, in addition to having been incorporated by two days by the Navy, as part of the marine volunteers.

The pair had to return to Aguascalientes, with Alvin in recovery, by the bruises on your paws. Roberto Garcia explained that in the days that remained in the City of Mexico, the boots to protect the paws of the dogs rescuers abound, was one of the petitions on the most popular social networks by their importance, so that the people sent pairs in large number, but Alvin was not used to and is distracted very easy, so we decided that going into the buildings collapse without them.

As well as the boots, the rescuer said that the support came “by the truckload”, food, water, energy; everything arrived and was distributed. “The people were very supportive with us and we try to respond that way, to be in solidarity and support.”

On the bus back, the bus driver did mention to the travelers inside were two heroes rescue, which thrilled the coach: “We don’t want to recognise us, we want people to be well, I was going to dirty the uniform, my dog. Person that is not messed up the uniform not worked, because, just as there were people breaking the soul moving debris, there were those who just went to see and tour around”.

Already in your house and when you return to your normal life, you still have the feeling that something is going to fall and cause injury to someone, this as a result of the pressure to which he was subjected for eight days in the “zone zero” of the City of Mexico, where his reflexes made the difference to help others and protect their physical integrity at the same time: “If I were to say what he feels, is a horror to death in the atmosphere, feel the death, feel the pain of the people, is something very difficult. There were people that I was not prepared for it, I saw lots of people crying -the rescuers – it was very devastating: it was a field of war, where the us was pressing, time was precious, for us, the more time that passed, the less chance of life… today there are still hopes that more people with life, there is still hope, can’t slow down”.

Experts have stated that after having lived it or being in contact with the disaster, experiencing fear, anxiety, anguish, stress and even sadness. From the point of view of neurochemical releases oxytocin, a hormone that in a process that also involved the neurons called mirror that can help us to understand other people’s pain, to calm us down and make others feel understood.

–Are returned to the same Robert, and the same Alvin after this experience?

–For nothing, do not return the same, now appreciate life more.

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