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The staff of the Directorate of Social Prevention is not given enough to be able to attend to all complaints of stray dogs.

«We serve a lot of complaints daily by stray dogs, many. In reality we do not supply,» said the director of Social Prevention in Lerdo, Cecilio Medina, who said that it makes the best effort by the unit at their expense to be able to go in a timely manner when there are any reports.

Currently, the City has an agreement with four organizations to be protective of animals, and with 30 rescuers, recalled the municipal clerk, who also said that because there is more space available for housing the animals.

«We have 500 meters of a guard canine,» said Medina, who, although he admitted that there are still animals that are «asleep» through the application of lethal injections this activity is not carried by the municipality or the decision of the municipal authorities.

«There are dogs that are not susceptible of adoption, but this classification is at the discretion of the associations and, through methods such as injections the sleep, but we don’t do it, but the associations in coordination with the chief of guard dog», stated the director of Social welfare, who said that in the shelter canine currently there are separate spaces for females, males, puppies, and other spaces on an individual basis for dogs that are very aggressive.

According to data from the Directorate of Social Prevention of Lerdo, there are in this town, more than 70 thousand stray dogs even when they are campaigning for permanent sterilization.

A single dog non-sterile condition by heat, in an average of seven pups, (in dogs there are two heats per year). In its first year will have 14 puppies. Many of these animals become subsequently a problem.

Due to this, activists and associations of protective animals have been in contact with municipal authorities, among which are the Ananda with Love, Loves to Read, Humanimal and Barking with Wings.

The director of Social Prevention of Lerdo, Cecilio Medina admitted that, although dogs are considered by many people as part of the family and man’s best friend, also represent a danger to the health, reason by which are performed by the staff in charge of sterilisation of pets, free to be dogs and cats.



Sterilize your pets:

⇒ To sterilize free of charge in the Direction of Social Prevention, the number is 725-83-18.

⇒ To sterilize in the area of Epidemiology of the Health Jurisdiction 02, the number is 714-28-73.

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