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Heréndira Gonzalez

SALAMANCA, Gto. (OEM-Informex).- Associations Animalist in Salamanca, had requested that the administration headed by the Municipal President Antonio Arredondo Muñoz, has a kennel facility dedicated to the protection, care and start adopting animals on the street, this in the framework of the International Day of the Earth, where the Associations indicated that there is nothing to celebrate.

Mary Armenta Ramos, a member of the Association Green Valley of Lerma and a volunteer in the Association Animalistic SAPA BC Indicated that on behalf of at least 10 associations that are in the town dedicated to the care of the animals, who have suffered some type of abuse must have a Center for them, “the Civil Associations dedicated to animal rescue, we make the following requests to the lord President and the authorities concerned, we request the creation of an animal control center where there are no sacrifices, where there sterilizations throughout the year, where they can house those animals in a situation of abandonment, to the most vulnerable a chance of adoption,” said Mary.

At a press conference, the animalists and environmentalists, pointed out that it takes more education in the citizens to care for the animals, but there must also be a Centre to which to take; they said unaware of what had happened with the land intended for the kennel Facility to be located in the community of Valtierrilla.

Mary added that “this city, long since should have these service centers, as there are many animals in the street and is a focus of infection, serious for the population, as well as those who are abandoned in landfills is clandestine and left to die, there should be a place to be able to take them and in your case to bury them”.

Noted that there is a definite number of how many animals might be in the city on the streets or who have suffered abuse, they pointed out that in many cases the address of the environment does not follow up complaints, so it requested that a progress or good results that are reported.

They added that “we ask the relevant authorities to make a census of the animal population, and the spreading of the law in a massive way for everyone to have knowledge of this regulation, but above all, we ask that you apply the law and sanctions and that the fines were intended for the center”.

For her part Maura Alicia Vázquez Figueroa, owner of Human Love to the Mother Earth, he said that there is nothing to celebrate for the International Day of Mother Earth “on this day of mother earth, one must reflect a little, also the species of animals, plants and human beings, we are children of mother earth. We humans believe ourselves superior, but in what we believe we’re superior”.

He indicated that there are ways to prevent that is to continue to pollute the earth “we have much to lament and nothing to celebrate on this day, Salamanca is a city of poison, a city that is the pair such as Mexico City or Guadalajara. We have also proposed to the citizens to try to reverse the damage we have caused to the planet.”

Maura Alicia pointed out that “within these proposals is the making of, the three Rs, Reduce, Refuse and Recycle. Try not to damage the layer of vegetation. As consumers we have rights, but we also have an environmental responsibility, there are companies that have been finished with natural areas, we do not consume those products that have corrupted the system and the planet”.

Finally environmentalists and animalists, stressed that have worked for animals on the street, however, stressed that even if they somehow supported the dogs and cats, you need a Center that treats them with respect.

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