Nine dogs died of suffocation after being locked up by a … – RPP

The Party Animal rights Against Animal Abuse (Pacma) of Spain reported this week that nine of the ten dogs for a young hunter left locked in a car, parked in a street of Cordova, died of asphyxiation. The only animal that survived will be delivered to a humane, according to the Spanish newspaper ABC.

According to 20 minutes, the case was last Thursday. In the presence of the young person, the Police opened the vehicle in which the animals were locked up under the sun at more than 40 degrees and no ventilation. Five of the dogs were already dead by suffocation. The rest was taken to a veterinary nearby, where four others died.

What will denounce. The Pacma condemned the death of the animals, “which has been especially cruel by the irresponsibility of this ‘hunter’ and asked to him “the maximum sentence” for each dead dog. They also reported that the young man tried to take the one dog that survived, but was stopped by the authorities.

The Federation of Associations of Protective of Animals of Cordoba (Fapac) announced that it will take legal action against the young man for causing “the death agony of nine dogs by asphyxiation”, according to appointment 20 minutes. The organization said that it will use all the resources at their disposal to ensure that justice is done and that “to ensure that these terrible behaviors let this happen”.

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