Obsolete state law of animal welfare, requires modifications – The Sun of Toluca (press Release)

Toluca, Mexico.- In the entity it is necessary to modify the legislation in the field of animal welfare because it is outdated in several aspects, one of them is the sale of canes for the internet, which is not regulated, whose site has become a kind of “black market”, reported the protective independent of animals, Bathsheba Torres Palomino.

The activist, on the occasion of World Animal Day, urged the authorities to take urgent measures in this regard, as well as validating the policies of animal welfare in the 125 municipalities, because there is a disparity: some are noticeable and others are virtually non-existent.

The veterinary said that the change in the law and in public policies have to go to the couple of social change, as well as the people in the animal care.

The state Government headed by Alfredo del Mazo in the field of animal protection must evolve “because the regulation was obsolete, now what is more, you have to take into account people that know about the topic, not to their friends or people with whom he made prior agreements”.

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He indicated that one of the problems is the marketing of canes by the internet, especially Facebook, that if it is true it has been banned in cosmetic, veterinary, flea market, markets and on the streets, in the social network has been overwhelmed, even are offered by professionals of animal health, which he called troubling.

The sale of animals on the internet is a conflict because they are promoted by centres nurseries, individuals and veterinarians, who, by not being in the law are not subject to a liability, so you only need to open Facebook to be aware of the existence of 50 to 60 groups that promote it, which opens a gap different and wide”.

He stressed that this has resulted in a “black market” because it presents a disparity of prices of the copies, plus the dogs do not meet the characteristics promoted once you have done the deal, at the time of delivery the race does not correspond to or are sick, reasons that can be a trigger for that to be abandoned by their owners.

On the other hand, he added, at the local level the municipalities have not taken real actions, since the number of centers of animal welfare is maintained, has not increased following the closure of the state administration and more than half of the 125 municipalities.

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He acknowledged that municipal governments with more canine population in a certain extent have acted, in the case of Toluca has not been able to control that item, a clear example were the attacks of packs of dogs to humans, who left the loss of human life, the problem it seems was silenced or forgotten once became the rage of the news.

There is a real change, do spay / neuter campaigns, but it is as a kind of fashion nothing more, it was said that captured 42 animals – in the capital mexiquense-, whose figure is laughable, because it is minimal, as there is a plethora of animals per block if we have to times are 3 to 5”.

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