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Silverio, a labrador coffee of seven years, walks slowly while your therapist stands to one of its hind legs to get a step, just one that could make the difference in your quality of life, which was affected after I had a problem in the column for a long time he was seen, and that, according to the forecasts will be unable to re move his legs, and took him to a surgery.

Silverio belongs to the hundred of dogs rescued by the Directorate of Animal Protection of the City of Guadalajara, in a situation of abuse, and looking for a new home, and is also one of the fifty that are found in the Unit of Animal Protection (UPA), in the parque Gonzalez Gallo, where the ayuntamiento tapatío took place yesterday, the first event of deliveries responsible, after the new regulation on the protection of animals, allowed them to make direct deliveries. There fifty furry of all breeds, sizes and humor, bark, play with each other, are retrieved, in particular problems of malnutrition, but also physical and psychological, and they are passing the days waiting to adopt them, and show them “the other face of the people”, that is not abuse.

Those who do not find a home soon, they will remain there until someone chooses them as a new member of his family, said the director of Animal Protection of the city council tapatio, Merilyn Gomez Wells.

“Before we needed a mandatory intervention of the protective legally constituted to be the intermediary between an adoptive parent and the government of Guadalajara; right now because what can we do directly,” he explained.

In addition to promoting the adoption of dogs and start adoption proceedings, in the event of yesterday also signed a commitment letter with the protectors of animals so that they are aware of the new filters. The UPA also seeks that the protective to follow the same protocol adoption responsible.

The capacity of the Unit, which opened in November of 2016 with an investment of 4.6 million pesos, that is 50 hairy, “is not that they are always the same fifty, they take three and we bring with us other three of the Animal Control Center, which is where they are passing their observation when they are seized”, the centre which has capacity for 50 dogs more, they don’t always have the possibility of being adopted, such as those that are collected from the street, as Gómez Wells stated that the federal rule does not allow to give for adoption stray dogs, but only to control the population of street through sterilization and euthanasia. “Must come from a legal process of the Direction of Animal Protection and have been picked up of abuse”.

He noted, however, that the ayuntamiento tapatío is the first at the national level in getting the faculty to sterilize stray animals and return them to the street. “Around 80 per cent of stray dogs were not born on the street, were abandoned (…) we try to attack the last generation of stray dog, but they will continue to exist as long as people do not change their way of thinking, and be responsible”.

Among the stories most successful, Merilyn recalled the case of two canes pitbull that started to eat each other for lack of food, one of them, Thalia “will just go up for adoption a week ago, restored to a hundred percent, chubby, happy, well, it’s one of our best achievements”.

It should be remembered that the Penal Code of the State already classifies animal abuse as a crime. During the administration, the Ayuntamiento tapatío has filed 12 complaints, but none transcended, because the director considers that the need for greater knowledge and expert staff in this type of violence.

To punish animal abuse and it look to be eradicated, it requires a lot of work socialization. The report of violence to these living beings and the complaint are an important factor in advancing towards a new culture of consciousness animal.
To report animal abuse in Guadalajara: 33 35 45 91 33 30 98 66.


To take through the UPA, the potential owners must issue a request and submit a photo of your garage, to ensure that there is no way you can escape; after Animal Protection makes a visit to the home and leave the pet in the house, but only to “test” to see how it unfolds in the family; and in the case that coexistence is positive, a second visit where the dog is already on a permanent basis, but with periodic reviews by the city council, who also need to receive photos and videos constant on the animal. This process takes two to three weeks.


Among other changes, the new regulation, approved in ordinary session on 16 August 2016 and published at October 11th of the same year:
*Prohibits direct deliveries on public roads
*Changes the process of adoption
*Gives new obligations on places of sale of pets, such as delivering animals with medical certificate and sterilized if they have more than 6 months
*Requires that pets always have identification (board, chip, tattoo)
*Prohibits the use of dogs as carers of spaces (homes, lots, businesses), without daily supervision
*Prohibited from throwing dead animals in the public right of way
*Prohibits attacking them, mistreat them or run them over intentionally
*Provides new obligations for exhibitors of pets –for sale or adoption, such as giving them a dignified space and breaks between the show
*Recommends that the sacrifices are in the presence of the owner
*Forces you to deliver the body of the animal who died to their owner, if they want to



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