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Accompanied by his entire team, the director of Food science Omar Olivera, gave yesterday a press conference to refute the allegations raised by the groupings of protectionism around the death of “Red”, a dog that was in the area of Zoonoses and which appeared lifeless in their kennels.

The official described them as “unfair” the criticism, especially with regard to what was circulated in the social networks, which are particularly considered “libelous”. As a result, announced that it will file a complaint with the College of Veterinarians.

What he said in the presence of representatives of different groups of animal protectors, who came to the press room of the municipality to listen to and learn first-hand what it would respond to the situation denounced.

From the area, the veterinary medical Graciela Saliani read, in the first place, a statement on behalf of all the workers in the Direction of Bromatology, in which they expressed their repudiation and solidarity with professionals and staff in the area of Zoonoses to such discharges by members of associations protectionist in graphic media and social networks.

“Given the versions by speculative, deceptive, and malicious about the events that occurred on the premises of the area, we want to express that we regard as extremely irresponsible on their part to pour public opinions, without due basis and without being internalized properly of what happened, putting into question the suitability and professionalism of our colleagues,” he said.

“We do not deserve
this treatment”

For its part, in an extensive speech, Olivera answered each of the accusations expressed by the organizations, pointing out that “has been put into doubt the repute of a lot of people of the Directorate of Food, the professionalism of its staff and does not deserve to have suffered this treatment.”

In the first place, clarified that the standing commission Copecos is formed by him and by various actors, among which there are also representatives of the groups protectionist, they work with different issues related to the responsible ownership and care of the animals.

Then considered that “it is a little odd” that instead of treating these topics in that field, “out to the media.”

On the other hand, argued that the employee of Zoonoses which was that Sunday, in charge of the animals to leave on vacation a day after the episode occurred at the site. “Went on vacation because they deserved it and had asked for previously. I’m talking about Jorge Vega, who is charged with first name and last name. That was the first version mal-intentioned,” he said.

The circumstances

Promptly about what happened with “the Red”, the director of Food science, said that “a dog escaped from their kennels, managed to get another to fight and the caregiver found the two loose. Before the intervention, each animal went to his kennels, without the need of them. Both ate then and were in perfect condition.

None of us had any serious injury. The most injured was the attacking dog, which I think it’s called `Chimu `Red had two wounds are very small they are in the professional’s report. It was nothing serious as to say that there was a negligence”.

The official pointed out that the next day, the other keeper was found dead inside the kennels. “A professional review, he did all the maneuvers and physicals and presented his report, which I handed him over to me and we did get a copy to the coordinator of Copecos,” he said, and warned that “no one was able to determine that the dog died for the fight.”

The causes
of death

After an extensive description of the events, in which Olivera refused to answer questions of the protectionist present, stated that it is “a fallacy total to say that we let it die.”

After several points of exposure, referred to the causes of the death of the animal and ruled out that it has been by hypothermia. “I don’t know why they talk about hypothermia,” he said, at the time that refuted that “we have given you a dose of painkillers very, very high”.

He explained that “there is a theme that is called shock, neurogenic, who also may suffer from the human, in which all the internal organs are left without blood and are all going to the periphery. That produces, first, a hyperthermia, and later hypothermia. There are several causes that may occur this shock. A can be a great download adrenalínica, which in animals is the hormone of the defence; and another, a natural cause”.

“It was determined that it was for a cardiac arrest, but there is not a topic that indicate that the death occurred as a result of the fighting of dogs”, he insisted.

The complaint

Finally, the director of Food science, lamented that “there were people who, hiding himself in a certain way on social networks, started treating each other of corrupt, murderers, people dark, professionals without ethics and moral double standards. I want to say that we went to the College of Veterinarians, we ask for the support and we will make a complaint with the intervention of their lawyers to elucidate these things.”

From the area that leads, he said that he would never have been disrespectful to anyone and have always been attacked to a greater or lesser extent, but felt that “we have reached a time in which the aggression went from brown to dark.”

Before the closure, after the sayings of the protectionist on the total rehabilitation of a dog that was found dead in their kennels, Olivera showed a picture of a boy with his face shattered after being attacked by him.

“This was what did it, `Red in his time, he lowered his face to a guy. The animal was from may 2016 at the site, working with animal behavior. Say that was to be delivered. I invite any of you who have little ones to take to the house. How can you be rehabilitated if this animal at 14 months did not see a boy? Then, you can’t be pregnant”, he concluded.

“You’re always working good
faith and never hiding anything”

For his part, the coordinator of the area of Zoonoses, Paul Noya, noted that work began on set, nucleated always Copecos, and at all times to the protectionist gave them “total freedom” so that they could work.

“Always act in good faith and never hiding anything. That’s why, it hurts most of all this is that you have gone out with the sealing of tip without any reason. We get together every month and not even called for an extraordinary meeting. They went out to the media and tell lies,” he emphasized.

“The dog died, there’s not much more to do, but why everything else? Why, that began to lead to other things?” questioned Noya.

Hurt then by what happened, raised the question of whether the protectionist saw the things you were doing wrong, why don’t you stated before. And ended by saying that the idea from the beginning was to start to work together to “add and not to subtract”.

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