On the day of the animal are reminiscent of the dog “Raul” – RADIO FENIX 95.1

It was opened in front of Government House, the statue of the dog “Raul”. Their remains lie in the gardens of the building.

In the framework of the day of the animal, this Friday we are reminded to “Raulito”. From a decision of the Governor Sergio Casas, with the authorization of the State attorney, Héctor Durán Sabas and the support of staff of Government House, was able to establish itself as a monument to this animal.

With the presence of the State attorney, Durán Sabas, Silvia Meyer (humane Society), Silvia Reinoso (who offered him care “raulito”). In addition to the Split Canes of the Provincial Police and police staff of Government House, gave the tribute in the framework of the day of the animal.

Last Sabas thanked the Governor “for the gesture of recognition and greatness in him.” He said that “the animals occupy a place in the world next to us, but they do so without selfishness”. And this form of sharing –mused- “it is to do it (the world) more beautiful, healthy and strong.” He regretted that the man “to do things that are contrary to the animals. We destroyed, we bad to nature, we treat evil among us.”

“What is important is that we try to become more like them, that we leave selfishness aside, ponderemos more love among human beings and in that way we would make a better world, where there is enough room for all and there are no excluded”, he said.

“A part of the society of la rioja the feeling of this animal, in life and after death too,” mused the official, and added: “I Think we have enthroned in this place by order of the Governor Houses is an important fact, because each one of us or some tourist that pass by this place, when you see this statue, you will notice that they will imitate it because they teach us, we should learn from them”.

Silvia Meyer, head of the humane Society, referring to the day of the animal, I emphasize concepts with which it advances the protection of all animals in the world. Among them, site: “more respect, well-being and protection animal, except in La Rioja”. For Meyer, the province of la Rioja “is in decline in this field”. He regretted –in his opinion – that “we walk by paths different with the world” and, above all, pointed out that “the agencies of purview, as is the municipality, not react”. He added later, “in the country, The Rioja is the province that, unfortunately, is on the podium for ill-treatment and abandonment of animal. The cruelty of his society has with animals has seldom been seen in the rest of the country. It is the responsibility of every human being, every adult, every child, and in addition, the State has to enforce the rules,” he said.

In the same framework, the responsible of the Division Canes, Guillermo Álvarez, called upon the population to “be responsible of the animals”. On the day of the animal, he said that they were invited to several activities in school facilities. There will be exhibitions of training in discipline basic”, selection and care of these animals.

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