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Since yesterday is located in Concordia the or Mobile of castration and free health care for dogs and cats. Corresponds to the National Program of Responsible ownership and Health of Dogs and Cats (ProTenencia), who came to our city through the efforts of the Provincial Government and the Municipality of Concordia, with the aim of strengthening the actions of pet care.

In this regard, Martin Armanazqui, Coordinator of the Unit of Environmental Development and Management in the Field of the Supply (UDAAPA), stressed that “these are efforts that has made the mayor Cremnant so that we can have the or mobile that is so important to the care of the animals of the city”. So “from our unit are in charge and coordinating the work in the neighbourhoods”, he explained.

The coordinator of ProTenencia, Jorge Cuatrin, told that it is a program of the Ministry of Health of the Nation working in the province of entre Ríos with a mobile phone in the state of Paraná, and another that rotates through the towns of the province with which it articulates. The idea is to “generate regional actions, in this case we are working and walking around the city, of Concordia, coordinating with the municipality,” said national officer.

For its part, the Viceintendente Armando Gay pointed out that “it is essential to responsible pet ownership, and this work developed in the municipality with Province, and Nation are worth. While we’ve been doing efforts in this aspect, this mobile comes to work together to meet the demands that there are in the city.” And added that “these actions are final decisions of the mayor of work in this direction, and carry them out is the commitment that we have as a team”.


The operating continues this Tuesday at noon in the Chapel of the barrio San Pantaleón, with municipal staff of Veterinary. While the Operating room the Mobile will be in the “Shelter” of The Bianca (Eva Peron 3800) working in Conjunction with the humane Society, from 08.30 to 18.00 hours. On Wednesday, in the meantime, along with Awareness Animal, will be in the communal room of Villa Adela, from 08.30 hours.

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