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St. louis.- Victoria Laporte, an activist of the Association Protectionist Independent animals of San Luis, reported that he had received telephone threats and aggressive messages of Facebook then report the realization of a greyhound race in San Luis, where he was detained its organizer, Ceferino Gomez. “We’re going to light a fire” was one of the threats received by the women.

Eduardo Garay, another member of the association, claimed to have been a victim of a work of intelligence about your daily movements, your address and family information. The activists argue that the attack “is planned for this weekend.”

Both Laporte as Garay made the police reports relevant and claim that the Division Crime works in the investigation of the threats. Meanwhile, the Police runs constantly their own homes and plan to ask for a luggage to the police and a restrictive measure against the violent, they say, “are related to Gómez”.

The organizer of the illegal competition of greyhounds was sent to the prison of St. Louis for violating the legal regulations on dog and because they weigh against criminal offences of counterfeiting documents, fraud, theft, cattle rustling, theft, and sexual abuse, which are investigated by the Justice of Mendoza.

Initially, Gomez was going to be released on Tuesday because the crime of organizing greyhound racing is excarcelable and provides for a fine ranging between 4000 and 80,000 pesos. “But when they access their background, we find that Justice mendoza is investigating for various and serious crimes,” declared the magistrate. Gomez and his partner were arrested last Sunday.

“We believe that the organizers of these races are planning an attack for this weekend. I also have been threatened with that they knew things about me.”Eduardo Garay. Association Protectionist Independent of San Luis

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