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The attorney San Rafael Florence, Diego ordered the euthanasia of Conan, a rottweiler that attacked, mordiéndolas, two girls and the mom of one of them. The procedure was performed last Friday and what shape the area of Zoonoses.

This was confirmed by a report of the press office of the Judiciary, which detailed the circumstances of both attacks and the tasks that were carried out in order to avoid the euthanasia of the animal.

According to reporting from the Public Prosecutor’s office, the rottweiler, she starred in two facts of the utmost gravity, the first of them happened in December of 2016. In this case, escaped from its home and once on the public road and attacked a child who was walking along with his mother on the corner of St John Bosco and the Republic of Syria. The attack caused permanent deformation and mass loss in the face of the child attacked, as well as minor injuries when the mother tried to defend it. The cause for this fact is already elevated to trial.

Before this first episode, by decision of its owners, the animal was delivered to a person who possessed a place which complied with the safety measures relevant to their holding, after having been hosted on Zoonoses from the Municipality of San Rafael.

The second event happened on the 5th of June this year in Carnations when the dog managed to circumvent the security measures of where I was staying, and headed to a house of a neighbor where there was a little girl of two years who was attacked in the face, causing a serious wound: loss of teeth and serious injuries that put at risk the life of the victim.

Based on this new fact, was requested by the office of the prosecutor reports and expert opinions to Zoonoses, from where it was reported that the animal is «a potential risk to the people having carried out two attacks against minors and requests that measures be taken».

In a new brief, veterinary staff from Zoonotic diseases, after having a look at the tab of the can, and after interviewing his fork, he concluded that the animal was potentially dangerous and suggested euthanasia.»

The office of the prosecutor gave intervention to the sections dogs of the Police of Mendoza in order to determine if we could achieve that the animal is incorporated into the equipment of this unit. Since the Police replied that «it was not possible to such incorporation due to the dominant character of the dog, due to the risk of being attacked by the rest of the dogs of the team and to the police.»

With these reports, the attorney Diego requested a new series of measures to evaluate the alternatives to euthanasia is recommended.

In this context stepped a trainer professional whose report determined that «it was impossible that the animal could undergo a rehabilitation plan as a result of their aggressiveness, their behavior, and in particular because the animal sees the children of his size as prey for hunting, so that in the presence of a child, will awaken the instincts developed by the can and will try to attack in order to mark their territory and pre-eminence,» and concluded that «under no circumstances can be reinstated to a social environment».

After these reports, the prosecutor took new measures and gave intervention to three organizations dedicated to the protection of animals incorporated in San Rafael ( Four Paws, humane Society of Animals and Plants, Cultural Association and Animal Volunteer for the Dignity of the Animals).

In principle asked to report on the conditions of animal health, behavior, and if it was possible to submit him to treatment for recovery, and if this is the case inform the appropriate person to do so, and if none of this was possible to pronounce on the extent suggested euthanasia.

In this case, «no organization was able to remove the dog from the place where it was due to his aggressiveness. None of them endorsed the euthanasia, and also provided alternatives for solving the conflict,» reported from the press of the Judiciary.

Euthanasia was made Friday by veterinarians Zoonoses, «following strictly the appropriate protocol (use of anesthetics that allow you to sleep in the animal) and to avoid any kind of suffering.»

In this framework, the prosecutor’s office ruled to give place to the suggestion made by Zoonosis with respect to having the animal euthanized because there was not, according to the prosecutor, another alternative.

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