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In the municipality of San Pedro y San Pablo Teposcolula, Oaxaca, ordered the killing of stray dogs as a sanitary standard, accused partnerships defenders of animals.

Up to the time they said, some 24 homeless dogs were poisoned as part of the ordinance by municipal authorities.

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The organizations of animals, issued a complaint and exhibited a video to enforce sanctions to the officials that gave the order. According to the complaint, the municipal police tossed in the streets is a toxic substance to which the animals die.

The president of the association for the defense of animals Help the Dog Friend of Oaxaca (APAOAX), Hilda Toledo, demanded the General Prosecutor of Justice of the State and health authorities to launch an investigation and punish those responsible.

However, neither the office of the Prosecutor General of Justice of the State, nor the ministry of Health have given response to the requirement of the association.

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Toledo said it has sought to meet with officials in the Secretariat of Health state to intervene in the issue, but warned him that no specialized personnel for the handling of dead animals and contaminated with chemical substances that can pose a risk to the population.

The activist points out that already submitted their complaint to the mayor of Teposcolula, Pedro Juan Garcia, who cut them off in the Direction of Ecology of what happened and even pointed out that it was a «dispute between neighbors».

The activist said that there is indifference of the mps local that have been left in the oblivion of the Animal Protection Law, which entered into force in September 2016. This law criminalizes animal abuse, achieving as maximum penalty to four years in prison and fines of 100 to a thousand days of salary, depending on the severity of the harm caused to the animal.

In the case of the murder intentional, the punishment will vary with a penalty of imprisonment of six months to four years and a fine of 500 thousand 500) days of salary.

However, the animal rights said that the law has loopholes that allow impunity to the perpetrators of the animals.


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