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It all started on a school project at the Universidad Anahuac. A group of young people decide to support the animals that are in street situation and created “#Ears, and Legs” as part of a school project, but they are involved in this beautiful work, and they decide to continue and grow the non-profit organization. The project aims to help the greatest number of #dogs possible and who need medical care and find them a home where they care for them and want to, working in conjunction with the shelter “Home for dogs” help rescue dogs who have no home and give them in adoption.

Funds for food and money

To be able to raise funds by doing events to raise money and food.

Like the “little Shop Ears and Legs” which puts a monthly basis to sell food and all that is gained is intended to help protective independent and dogs that they rescue are always in need of vaccinations, sterilizations, food, collars and even pay for surgeries. The members of this team are young students that really like to work together to improve the lives of dogs who, unfortunately, do not have a home. Cynthia Vázquez, Almudena Villasante, Kerenn Pérez and Rafael Villasante form this independent project and they are the voice of the voiceless.

The event «Rock and Rescue»

The biggest event that they have organized was “Rock and Rescue” an event that is organized in different parts of the country with musical bands and talks to create awareness in people about this problem that exists in the streets and the population of dogs that have no home.

In Oaxaca with the help of musicians the event was held on the 27th of February 2016, with the participation of local bands: The Curly, DEM, Ambrosia, Iron Priest and Kaoz Party. It is raised more than 30 kilos of food that were donated to protective independent and dogs in different colonies, the money raised helped 4 dogs in need of medical attention.

Currently, they are working to help protective independent and rescue dogs that need a loving home. They can be reached on Facebook as “Ears and legs”. Also you can find on YouTube where uploaded videos explaining various topics about the benefits of adoption, tips for the care of pets among many other things. The number of dogs in street situations has increased in all of Mexico, it is necessary that with the help of everyone we can reduce the percentages, adopting and sterilizing.

“Ears, and Paws is the voice of those who don’t have it». #protective animal

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