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The practical problems of an initiative of this kind. Paradoxes of the approaches. Doubts.

In recent days, the National Institute for Electoral unveiled on twitter that is driving the change of credential to vote by citizens who belong to the community LGTTTI (and all of the initials that I needed to write to that is not to say that I am committing discrimination).

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According to activists and members of the community mentioned before sex is an imposition made by the society based on the biological characteristics of a person and the gender is chosen based on personal criteria as there is not much clarity in the parameters.

Until the moment I do not know with precision what it is that the INE aims to with your initiative and if you already watched all that this implies. I don’t know how many genders are officially recognized in Mexico, according to the Human Rights Commission of New York there are 31, there are initiatives for the UN to recognize anything more or anything less that 112 and up to the time Facebook already gives 50 different options for users to choose.

I suppose that with basis in this kind of situations if someone is not the option you want at the time of processing your voter registration card then you can raise your complaint at the CONAPRED to finally get their official identification to your satisfaction.

To know that the NSIS is already doing this kind of paperwork I emerged a series of questions of legal order and legal which I would like to be able to solve with the support of an attorney that helps me understand.

If a man who claimed to be a woman is murdered what the crime is defined as homicide or as femicide? (Personally I am against the term femicide as murder speaks itself of killing a human being is a man or a woman and to give more importance to a crime against a woman is discriminating against men). Since there was such a case and an alderman alleges that it should be femicide, but if the person is recognized as an animal who must attend the event, the humane society?

With respect to the quotas “gender” to be able to contend for a position of popular election can someone ask for change of gender in official documents in order to be a candidate?

If a person is brought to pressure and the person claiming not to have the sex that actually has where to wear it?

If someone signs up to a sports team can be accepted in a branch that does not belong because of their gender, even when this threatens the health and/or disadvantage to other competitors?

If a person asks to be identified officially as the animal can prohibit the entry to spaces that do not permit entry to animals and pets (hospitals, airplanes, museums, restaurants etc.) without receiving any kind of penalty or reprisal?

How can a citizen apply for a job based on the recognition that gives him the credential to vote, although in reality it does not have the sex requested?

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And if someone asks to be identified as pansexual how are you going to give answer to all the above circumstances?

Much appreciate that I be made clear these doubts if there is a response.

However, if the initiative of the INE has not seen the full picture then I will be able to verify that it continues in force that which the people bread and circuses, all is to be seen, “progres” and get votes as a result, heading to the elections next year, even if that involves painting colors on the mexican electoral system.

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