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The humane Tandil participated on June 9 in the City of Mar del Plata of the conference organised by the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Province of buenos aires and the Ombudsman of the Province of Buenos Aires, Guido Lorenzino.
The Ombudsman’s office is an autonomous agency that does not belong to any of the three Powers of the Provincial State.
Lorenzino explained the public policy that made by the agency in relation to this subject, having created an “Area of Protection of the Rights of Animals” by Marcelo Racciatti, asked that the Province step forward in public policies and including the subject in the school curriculum.
The Ombudsman claimed the General Education Council that it “understands that animal abuse is important and it is necessary to add it in the subjects of primary and secondary schools. You need to put your focus and energy on our kids, who are wiser than us.”
The conference, which took place in the city Council of Mar del Plata, told his time with the exhibition of the deputy provincial Manuel Mosca (President of the Chamber of deputies) who said that with all the support of the governor María Eugenia Vidal.
Also participated the president of the NGO “Education Against Animal Abuse”, Angel Mendez, and the Director of the Institute on Animal Law of the Argentine Association of Constitutional Law, Graciela Fayt.
We analyzed articles from the Education Act of the Province of Buenos Aires, where it is confirmed that there are many of them that are not being met, and that have to do with the rights of the child, and training them as future citizens with empathy towards animals and the environment, because, in short, “if we care for others we are caring for ourselves”.
He also stated the Dr. Graciela Fayt , (Director of the Institute of Animal Law, the Argentine Association of Constitutional Law). So clear and with so much track record is recognized and respected which is always a pleasure to listen to. He spoke of speciesism = racism = sexism as a form of violence., and also of the urgent need for humanity to respect all nature: animals – environment.
Among the topics that were addressed in a dialogue with the Entities there involved was the traction to Blood, and proposals for its eradication through a transformation, a ban on opening of new zoos and conversion of the facility that exist, increase penalties for acts of animal abuse and the recognition of animals as sentient beings, non-human animals.
Also will I speak of the law 13.879 and its compliance in each municipality, where it was clear explained by Dra Graciela Fayt, that from the year 2008 which promulgated the law, as in any municipality should be no problems with overpopulation animal or shelters or zoonosis with animals, and if so may be, it is that it has not been applied with the intensity, massiveness, permanence, that must be done.
There was discussion about the survey data that the office of the Ombudsman sent to each Municipality, which should be answered in relation to how to manage the prevention, and promotion policies, and emergency care of the rights of the animal, if there is a Municipal shelter and its leaders what will be matched.
Unanimously dismissive of the shelters, zoonosis-dog kennels where the animals are in for an undetermined time, all in disagreement with the microchip explained by a Veterinarian, because with an ultrasound machine quietly detects the same and can be removed, it is expensive and there are studies that claim to be harmful to the health of the animal, the more accurate-economical for a Municipality and that really solves the overpopulation is to sterilize each time more and more animals, investing in more professional sterilizing. (explanation of Medical professionals in Veterinary Medicine).
“All the NGOS present on that day had the possibility of exposing the problems existing in their Cities and simple solutions more affordable for the Municipalities, which should listen more open which would give a definitive solution and without suffering of animals trapped that produce onerous expense in Municipal Organizations without the solutions to the view from years. It is time to change old paradigms that are not suitable for these times. In reality, it penalizes the people for animal abuse, it punishes the dog for teething, being that all these situations have been created by actions ineffective of the State, which transferred responsibilities to the weakest,” said Damperat PAT.



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