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The humane Tandil credited their presence at the Congress of the Nation, participating in Plenary for the Reform of the Law N° 14.346, called “Law Branch”, where were presented the different problems in the country, which makes it necessary for an urgent reform of the law and a present State on the protection of all animals and the environment.
The law 14.346 is in force, it is very wide, but needs to be updated urgently, according to these times.
We evaluated the proposals and studied the projects presented, and then make important contributions “where the beneficiaries are the animals because they will no longer be objects of rights and become the ‘subjects of rights’”, indicated from the protective.
From the organization expressed their appreciation of the presence “of the members of the national parliament Carla Reed and Marcelo Wechsler, advisors, counselors, Laura and Mariela; of the Deputies Pitrola, Sosa and Lopez, Cristian Papisca and Gabriel Vasquez; deputy Daniel Lipovetzky, Dr. Mariana Oj Saints and the deputy Fernando Sanchez”.
“As is public knowledge, since the year 2007, the humane Tandil, began to work in conjunction with other protectors of the region, thus forming the Network of Protectors of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires. The work was gathering pace, with more intensity, participating at the provincial level where the entity agreed at the Network a meeting in the Ministry of Agro-industry in November of last year, as well as the presence in the National Congress in support of the Law the Prohibition of Greyhound racing,” reported subsequently.
“Something of what we can advance is that, unanimously, all said ‘No shelters or kennels, Not to the microchip, and we need to intensify the castration massive permanent, extended in time, and the public across the country, on the part of the State, apparently free, but we pay the taxes,” he indicated.
Also delivered his stance on “punishment effective domestic abusers (not excarcelables) and unanimously, we want a Been present and involved in the problems of overpopulation animal”.



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