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Aurelio Nuño Mayer, secretary of Public Education (SEP), reported that he received at his home of Pepe, a dog labrador that last December was “retired” by the Federal Police (PF).

In your account of Facebook, Nuño Mayer went up several photos of the dog and explained that after waiting several weeks, the canine came to her home after nine years of serving as the official canine.

“After several weeks of waiting, we welcome you in our house to Pepe, a beautiful labrador that we adopted to provide a home, after which he worked for nine years as an agent of the Federal Police. Welcome, Pepe!”, wrote to the federal official.

Pepe is a dog breed labrador that participated for nine years in programs of a social link and in the Operating Backpack; in addition, has a certification in the detection of substances by the National Police of Colombia.

The 7 of December of last year, the PF “retired” to nine canines who had served this corporation in the detection of explosives, weapons, drugs and tickets.

Along with Pepe, the dogs Tokyo, Claudio, Max, Grape, Tito, Jerry I, as well as Rosty and Lucy II fulfilled their mission in the Federal Police, as they searched for a home to spend the rest of your life.

Manelich Castilla, commissioner of the Federal Police, said on 7 December that arrived 30 animals of the united States delivered through the Merida Initiative.

The Federación Canófila de Mexico was the one that took care of looking for a decent place where they can enjoy the final part of his life, reported the authorities in charge of the canines.

Official of four paws. About the dogs in withdrawal, it was reported that after nine years of service it was decided to include in this group Claudia, a labrador donated through the Agency of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) of the united States.

Claudia is an expert in detecting explosives. He was in Morelia, Michoacan, after the attacks of September 15, 2008 to detect more artifacts in the face of threats.

Tokyo, a belgian shepherd mallinios of 13 years was also removed. He is an expert in detection of drugs, weapons, and paper money. The Federal Police what qualifies as an agile, reliable and very disciplined.

Max is another labrador of 11 years and complies with eight years of service in the Canine Unit of the Federal Police. In his last years he worked as a dog school for the training of other generations of canines.

Grape is a belgian shepherd with 12 years of service, he was also one of the official canine used for the training of other dogs.

Tito, with nine years of service, he was in the first places in the certification of the Association of Police officers in Virginia Beach, USA.

Jerry I, a belgian shepherd, was donated by the government of the united States and its specialty is the detection of drugs, weapons and currency. Its main achievements were in the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM).

Rosty is labrador. In 2010 he participated in the international course guides canines in the detection of substances that was developed by the National Police of Colombia.

Lucy II is 12 years old and nine service. Of breed labrador spent their last four years at the side of the non-commissioned officer Alfredo Aldape. Obtained various certifications granted by the government of the united States and became a trainer of other generations of officers.

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