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A week ago, a person tried to stop adoption to a badger in the municipal zoo, but not being admitted for lack of space, decided to climb the mesh and throw the animal to the quarantine area of the public promenade.

Extreme episodes such as these are not common in the zoo, but it is a thing of every day is that people come there with the intention of giving in adoption to wild animals that are, or that they had as pets.

According to the chief of Conservation at the zoo, Mario Zambrana, by day there are up to 10 animals at the zoo (there have been times where the number was 15), but not all enter. “Do not imagine you the amount of animals that we bring,” says Zambrana, indicating that in most cases lead them species, whose quotas in the zoo are full, such as turtles, badgers, sloths, parrots, monkeys and snakes. The number is high because there are more animals that come out of their habitat by deforestation or due to the traffic of wildlife.

He explained that when a person comes in with an animal to make the efforts or the guides to take you to the Center of attention and the referral of the Government (which is the competent authority), so that from there they refer you to any of the places of custody or returned to their natural habitat.
According to Zambrana, to which they are dehydrated, and with issues that may put its survival at risk given immediate attention at the zoo. “We are a center of environmental education, but we also help to recover the animals,” she adds. They are also supported those who are in danger of extinction and those species for which there is still space in the zoo. “We have quotas for each species and we cannot overcome them because we have to think in your diet and on medication to be healthy”, he said.

The park has 1,800 animals 238 species. Its purpose is educational.

Adjustment in the protocol
The managers of the zoo insisted that the incident between the jaguar and the sloth was isolated and ensured the safety and good environment for the animals. However, this fact did think on adjustments to the protocol for the visitors to know what to do in these cases, that is to say, to notify the game wardens. To do this, you enabled a fixed point of surveillance in the area of the jaguars and you’re thinking of printing on the tickets of admission standards to be followed by the visitors.
Zambrana asked to be careful when there is this type of incident, since biosafety is not convenient to enter the area where they are animals.
The humane Society believes that animals should not be in cages, so last night marched to demand the closure of the zoo.

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