Lost your puppy, and this was his way of seeking it – THE DEBATE

Mexico city.- It is a maltese brown, just a baby, and had disappeared in the colonia Obrera, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico city. Its owner, a girl, had completed the poster Is Looking for with his own hands, and a drawing of your pet lost:

“He is Morgan and this is my best friend and does not have much that is with me is a baby I tell you there is a lot of the reward Brought a yoke if anything please don’t stay” (sic).

The reward offered to the one who returned: a chocolate.
The sign was seen by a user of social media and by the leaders of an organization dedicated to the rehabilitation canine call Oceanican, who immediately asked their followers on Facebook to help in the search for the maltese.

The message became viral.

Hours later, and thanks apparently to that the dog had a collar with contact data, Morgan returned home with its owner.

The organization for the protection of Animals Mexico published on its page in Facebook the picture of the reunion of the little and your dog.

Lost your puppy, and this was his way of seeking it - THE DEBATE 1

The case was followed in networks by thousands of people.


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