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Daniela González.-

This Sunday a large number of people accompanied by their pets, they began a journey through different streets of San Juan de Colón to reject the death of “Dogo”, the dog that was attacked “tubazos”.

The walk kicked off at 10:00 in the morning from the avenida Luis Hurtado Higuera to parque Sucre, headed by members of foundations, protective of animals and the population in general with dogs of various breeds, among them the club of pitbull in San Juan de Colón.

Death to «tubazos» of the breed dog pit bull, allegedly at the hands of a police officer, in the town of Columbus, state of Táchira, shocked a large part of the community ayacuchense; case according to the information that is known informally, two more people would be involved in the fact, however, is expected by the research and information officer by the agency that takes the case.

Dayana Arellano, representative of the Foundation advocate for the animals –“Huellitas de Colón” reproached the beating he was allegedly kicked at the dog, at the time that urged the authorities to find the perpetrators to prevent similar situations occurring.

The death of Doge

Different versions have been known, allegedly on the part of witnesses who are said to ensure that the law enforcement official, reported to have killed the canine, would not have been executed death of the animal; to these information, the protector of animals, Dayana Arellano rejected the indolence on the part of the people who would have supported the mistreatment of “the Doge”.

According to Arellano, there’s a video that would be in the hands of the Brigade Canine, a body that would be in charge of the investigation into the death of the dog. He explained that the images would be “the moment where they caught tubazos the dog.” He stressed that while there is doubt of the origin, he observed two persons who it is presumed would be killing the pitbull.

“If it is proved that the police officer had nothing to do in the killing of the dog, as he should not allow, nor tolerate cruel and ignoble to the animal,” said Arellano.

“The officer that had witnessed the fact, to reveal and accuse the real culprits to justice, seeing that until now has only acted as an accomplice and accessory after the fact of the fact”, asserted the representative of Huellitas of Columbus.

The committee also urged the authorities to do justice and to apply the weight of the law against the people who caused the death to “Dogo”.

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