Journalists and activists are repressed on the Day of the Rebellion … – Cubanet

Journalists and activists are repressed on the Day of the Rebellion ... - Cubanet 1

Police patrol in Cuba (Twitter)

HAVANA, Cuba.- During the last two days, more than a dozen independent journalists and members of organizations opposing the government have been arrested or subjected to a detention home by the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) and the organs of the State Security.

According to information provided by the Association for the Freedom of the Press (APLP), observers and activists of civil society, among the list of people assassinated are the opposition leader José Díaz Silva, Raúl Velázquez Valdés, this last executive director of the Cuban Institute for Freedom of Expression and the Press (ICLEP).

According to the report, Silva was arrested on the 24th and released on the twelve day of today.

For his part, Alberto Brown Echenique, director of the publication The Maroon Mayabeque, which sponsors the ICLEP, reported that Velazquez arrested yesterday morning in the province of Artemis when he was heading towards a wlan access point.

The steering of the ICLEP, reported Brown, remained in whereabouts unknown until today evening when his family managed to locate him in one of the police stations of Artemis, where also knew that it would not be released until after six in the evening today.

Other people assassinated are Elijah Sanchez Sanchez, a member of the current Emilia, arrested in San Antonio de los Baños, on the 23rd, and Ada Maria Lopez, Canine, librarian and independent journalist of the ICLEP that along to your husband and children ―including three minors― were found in his home besieged by patrols of the PNR.

In the province of Pinar del Rio, relatives of the journalist Meri Paulin Morejón, of the ICLEP, stated that officers of the State Security reported to the communicator that he could not leave his home until the 27th. The measure, they said, was extended to other members of the staff of the ICLEP in that territory.

Berta Soler, leader of Ladies in White, via telephone said that the group’s headquarters in the capital’s neighborhood of Lawton is besieged by repressive forces since the evening hours of yesterday.

Soler, pointed out that it is unknown the situation of several of the members because “the regime interrupted them with the phone service”. He suggested that they could be arrested or besieged.

Through Ada María López Canino, who also plays for the Ladies in White, it was known that the repression came to Ciego de Avila, where he is besieged from two days ago, the woman in White Mailén Manrique Cruz.

According to López, another of the women who are besieged with their family is Lazara Barbara Cerdiñas.

In the dates of celebration policy, the cuban authorities have customarily carried out mass arrests against civil society.

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