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Dog that barks... does Not bite? - The Herald 1

People need to be trained and know how to act in case of suffer the bite of a dog, it established the director of Programs of the Humane Society International Mexico, Claudia Edwards. He emphasized that, in Aguascalientes, according to the ministry of Health, are recorded on average 100 bites of dogs per month, a situation that is also preventable.
A visit to Aguascalientes, Claudia Edwards conducted a series of trainings aimed at the Center of Dog Control, to the State Attorney’s office for the Protection of the Environment, the Secretariat of Public Security Municipal Firefighters Municipal, organisations animal protectors, the College of Veterinarians of Aguascalientes as well as to Veterinary students on the theme of aggressiveness.
He pointed out that the aggression in dogs can have organic causes or behavioural. In the organic, he said, there may be aggressive dogs maybe due to a medical condition or illness, such as a tumor in the brain or a hormonal disease.
“If a dog is run over and you will grab the fracture, you’re going to bite because he’s going to hurt. They can also bite out of fear, in the behavioral part”.
The director of Programs of the Humane Society International Mexico commented that in regard to situations in behavioral, there are dogs that are most of the time without socializing, and at the time of having contact with people, do not know what to do, so that you can fight, flee or feel cornered.
“Something in their genetics or something in their brain tells them ‘fight’, and we have this kind of situations aggressive.”
Faced with such a scenario, Claudia Edwards said that all of these situations are preventable, educating, and socializing well with dogs, without abusing them or having them chained or locked up, and learning how to get closer to the animals, in addition to not leaving children alone with them.
“The accidents that we’ve had and that have been fatal, with the children, it is because they are left alone with the dog and sometimes the children without wanting to itch the eye, pull ears, and the animal hurts. Then the dog turns and bites perhaps not with the intention of killing him. Therefore, you should never have children alone with animals, must always be an adult supervising these interactions.”
Claudia Edwards pointed out that the Association Humane Society International created a manual to a way of coloring book in Spanish and in English that serves for parents to use at home and teachers in school, to teach children how they should act in situations of risk with a dog, which can even be downloaded free of charge from the site

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