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The assisted therapy with dogs can be of great help in a school to reduce the cases of bullying and achieve greater interaction between students, especially in groups where there is little participation and no empathy, noted psychologist Talyah Cojuc, president of the association Therapists Canine Mexico BC

Dogs help fight-the-bullying - says the psicologoga Talyah ... - Daily Jew (blog) 1
Talyah Cojuc, president of the association Therapists Canine Mexico BC (Valentina gonzález/IBERIAN).

During a talk at the Ibero-american University, organized by the Department of Education, Talyah Cojuc pointed out that the therapy dog has a specific training to accompany the professionals in your session and reassure the patients. Psychologists, neuroscientists and educators can support this treatment.

“The therapy dog must be support from children to older adults in different areas. In the schools used in groups where the children are very separate. Helps to integrate students behind because it gives them a higher self-esteem. Supports learning and improving the skill of reading,” he said Cojuc.

According to the psychologist, the therapy assisted with dogs helps to relax, improve empathy, control outbursts of anxiety or anger, promotes physical activity and the sense of responsibility. In that sense, he added that the dog works because he does not judge. Promotes attention, especially those who like dogs. In addition that cause laughter and are affectionate.

The assisted therapy with dogs also helps in the treatment of depression, as it manages to awaken interest in the patient by the external world. “The visit of the dog causes the person to levente vajda, take a shower to get the dog, it is a great for the therapist, as it manages to anchor them to an external activity and begins the improvement because they provoke laughter and affection toward the dog,” he explained.

For those who have anxiety problems, touch something soft like a dog and feel the breath helps to calm down, because it works as a simulation of sensory to work on relaxation exercises. In addition, it is a distractor and supports the therapist to intervene.

“The assisted therapy with dogs not a substitute for psychological treatment doctor. It is a complement and is not for all cases, as it has to appraise because there are people who don’t like dogs,” said the specialist.

In the hospitals functions as a distractor. Helps to relax patients. Pediatric patients, for example, are left to review better by doctors when there is a dog; and when they get a vaccine do not get so anxious and cry so much.

Children with autism will awake the interest for the environment. “At the time that they enter a dog to the place of therapy, the child turns to see him, is a relationship that we can establish with the person, because they have no interest in playing with the therapist; it is a great tool.”

The president of the association Therapists Canine Mexico BC explained that it is divided into four working with dogs: training, maintenance, care and handling.

Dogs that are used must be controllable, in any situation, even in the most unexpected; they should be predictable, therefore you should be aware of situations that may stress them to prevent them.

The breeds that can work as assistance dogs are labradors, golden retriever, border collie and newfoundland. The characteristics of the patient determine what animal best fits your needs.

For his part, the manager must be sociable, divide their attention efficiently because it will have to be aware of both the dog and the patient, regardless of the count with the presence of the therapist. In addition, you must be responsible and loving with people and animals. And must have knowledge of crisis management.

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